Knitwear Sweater Free Pattern

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Sweater Size: 38/40 (42/44 in) 46/48 
You will need: yarn (66% cotton, 22% polyamide, 12% yak wool; 145 m/50 g)-150 (200) 200 g Brown, blue and pink, 100 (150) 150 g sand and 50 (100) 100 g Pale green; Needles IU 5; Contrasts Needles of IU 4 and 5. 
Pattern 1: Knitted knit = facial and 
Purls Series-facial loops. 
Square: Dial on the spokes 113 (121) 
131 Loop or bend. Instructions and 
Knit pattern 1, thus start with the 
1 Iznanochnogo series and do not perform 
Edge. In the 2nd row (2 front 
Range) from the initial row of the 
Middle Z loops together front with 
Tilt to the left (2 loops to take off as 
Facial, 1 facial, then stretch 
It through the shot loops). This kill 
Repeat another 54 (58) 63 times in 
Each lyceum row. After 25 cm = 
111 Series (27 cm 119 rows) 29 cm 
= 129 rows from the initial series of the 
Knit remaining Z loops together 
Front, trim the thread and stretch 
It through the last loop. 
Color sequence A: 33 (35 in) 
37 Rows of Blue, B (6) 8 rows of cinnamon- 
On 24 (26) 28 rows of pink, 
Sand and pale green thread = 
Total 111 (119) 129 series. 
Color sequence B: 33 
(35) 37 rows of pink, 6 (b) 8 rows 
Brown, 24 (26) 28 rows of ice- 
Green, sand and Blue Thread = Total 111 (119) 129 rows. 

Color sequence C: 59 
Rows of sand, 24 rows of blue, then 
Continue to work brown thread. 
Pattern 2: Elastic band (even number of loops) 
Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl. 
Knitting density: Pattern 1-22.5 x 
44 R. 10 x 10 cm; 1 Square 25 x 25 
(27 x 27) 29 x 29 cm. The density of elm- 
Must be observed to ensure that 
Maintain the size of squares; When 
Need to change the current 
The spokes. 
Attention: The backrest and before the 
The thread of the squares SOGL, pattern 
and instructions. Arrows in Squares 
Indicate the direction of knitting. They 
Always start in the middle of the 
or edge of a set of loops. 
Backrest: Knit on circular spokes 5 
Rows in direct and reverse direction 
First Run 2 squares (2 A 
On the pattern) separately, for this 
Dial loops Blue Thread and knit 
Hundred. Sequence of colors A. 
Both squares sew pale green 
Vertices 3 separate points. For 
2 other squares (2 V on the pattern) 
Dial on the spokes pink thread on 
The right side edge of the 1st Quadra- 
55 (59) 64 loops, the seams on the 
Not 1 loop and the adjacent left 
Side of the 2nd square and another 55 
(59) 64 loops. On 111 (119) 129 pet- 
respectively, perform a square 
Consent Cookie. Color sequence B. 
Before: Knit like a backrest. 
Sleeves: Sand Thread dial 
On the spokes for each sleeve by 
50 (56) 62 loops and Knit pattern 1 
Hundred. Color sequence C, 
At the same time start with 1 Row. For bevel sleeves Add with 
Both sides in each 18th row of the 
The initial range of 10 x 1 p. (In each 
16th row 11 x 1 p.) Alternately in 
Each 14th and 16th row 12 x 1 p. 
Consent Cookie. Thread Color 70 (78) 86 p. 
42.5 cm 187 rows from the initial 
Range close for low sleeve sleeves 
On both sides 1 x 4 p. and C each 
2nd row another 5 x 4 p. Through 45 cm 
199 rows from the initial row close 
The remaining 22 (30) 38 p. As facial. 
Shoulder wedges (2 parts): arrow- 
The pattern = the direction of the 
tion. Brown Thread dial on 
Spokes 23 loops and knit pattern 1, 
At the same time start with 1 Iznanochnogo 
Row and do not perform the cutting. In the 
4 (12) 20th row of the initial row 
Front row) lower for bevel 
On both sides 1 x 1 P., then in 
Each 4th row 9 x 1 P., for this 
At the beginning and end of a series of 
2 loops together front. After 9 cm 
= 40 rows (11 cm = 48 rows) 12.5 cm 
= 56 rows from the initial series of the Knit the remaining 3 loops together 
Front, trim the thread and stretch 
It through the last loop. 
Assembly: Inclined Shoulder edges 
Wedges vertex outward Sew 
To the shoulder edges of the front and spin 
The initial series refers to the mountain 
The Lozine. Brown Thread Dial 
On circular spokes 4 along the edge 
Neck 152 (152 in) 156 loops and 
For strap tie 1 circular row 
and 5 circular rows of the 
2, then close all the loops as 
Facial. Sew Sleeves SOGL. Reborn 
Ci. Perform side seams and seams 
Sleeveless. Brown Thread dial on 
Circular Spokes IU 4 on the bottom edge 
224 (234) 244 loops and tie the lower 
As the bar of the neck. 

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