Unusual Pullover Swirl Pattern

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Size: 36/38

Materials: 380 g white yarn BLUES, circular spokes № 5, Hook № 3.5

Kayma: Tie circular rows 2 p. Facial smoothness, with the lines marked on the pattern of blue, the 1st p. Knit so: * 1 scum, Projazat 2 p. Together persons., repeat from *.

Main pattern

1st circular R.: * 1 scale, 2 p. Persons together, 26 persons, repeat from *. 2-nd circular R.: * Scale of the people., 2 p. Persons together, 25 persons, repeat from *. Repeat 1st and 2nd P., considering the decrease in each 2nd p.

The density of knitting: 15 p. x 20 P. = 10 x 10 cm.

Job description

The model consists of 4 parts, connected in a circle outside inside. For each detail on circular spokes № 5 to dial 224 p. and tie 2 p. Kaya. Then knit the main pattern. When the spokes remain 16 p., collect them in the ring and pull.

Stitch the pattern.

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