Knitted Women Jacket Sprout

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Knitted clothing, which can vary according to your mood and which can be worn for three seasons, will always be your favorite. A meshwork for a knitted jacket is an unexpected find for the everyday garment.

Details of the jacket (shelves, back and sleeves) are made separately from the bottom up, then connected to a coquette.

Size: XS-S (SM-M, L-XL, XXL, XXXL). 
The girth of the chest: 82-90 (92-98, 100-110, 112-118, 120-128), see Hip 
circumference: 88-96 (98-104, 106-116, 118-124, 126-134)

The final size of the jacket is buttoned at the chest level: 103 (111, 120, 128, 136) see 
Cup size: AB (BC, CD, D, DE). 
Height: 167-175 cm.

The proposed allowance for freedom of fit at the breast level: an average of 15-20 cm. The sample on the model is associated with a description of the size of the L-XL with a free fit of 16 cm.

The density of knitting with the Bonds pattern: spokes 4.5 mm, 19.5 p. And 27 p. = 10x10 cm.

If your knitting density differs from the one indicated, the measurements of the details and the finished jacket will be different from those that should be in your size. If the description does not contain a suitable size, slightly changing the density, you can adjust the size.

For the best fit of the product in the pattern, the following technologies were applied: horizontal side tucks for the chest; Shoulder darts; sprout; increased width of chest shelves; transfer of the lateral seam to the side of the transmission; expansion sleeves in the back.

Materials for a knitted jacket:
Yarn: stock yarn Millefili Forever: 50% merino wool, 50% acrylic, 1400 m per 100 gr., About 900 (950, 1050, 1150, 1300), green color. The jacket is connected by a string of 8 additions.

The final footage of 8 additions - 175 m / 100 g., For the jacket will need 1575 (1650, 1850, 2000, 2275) m.

Needles and accessories:
straight spokes 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm for invisible laths, cuffs and throat straps;

Straight needles 4.5 mm for the main blade;

circular knitting needles 4,5 mm for a round yoke;

tapestry needle for stitching;

additional circular knitting needles for moving open loops;

several markers for loops;

hook No. 3 (C);

7 green buttons 2 cm in diameter;

Needle and sewing thread in the tone of the buttons or the main yarn, as well as a sewing thread of contrasting color.

Source : http://vjazhi.ru/vyazanie-dlya-zhenshhin/palto-i-kardigany/vyazanaya-kurtka-sprout.html

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