Chocolate Oranges Scarf

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Scarf necklace "Oranges in chocolate"
In the spring she tied herself a scarf "Oranges in chocolate" .
Loved the little idea found on the Internet,
Unfortunately, I do not know the author. Here is the original: That's what happened with me: As you can see, the scarf itself is simple. And the whole thing in 4 options fasteners - you can warm up button, and you can just wear a collar. Very grateful to the author of the idea for such beauty !!! Maybe, it will be useful for you. It is written later. I post here my post with a description of the scarf with Osinki, since it was needed. There is no ready circuit. But I can roughly describe. Set 35p + 2 edging. Distribute loops like this: 9p. the "rice" pattern (1l, 1 iz - 2 rows, then vice versa 1 iz, 1 persons - 2 rows), 17 n "Spit", 9n. "rice". My spit consists of 17p. (8 persons, 1 w, 8 persons). Well, these 8 people cross over 4 to the left, then to the right every 8 rows.

The length of the scarf turned out 72 cm, width 16 cm. Applied to the neck, so as not to make a mistake with the length (I would like the scarf to fit snugly with a certain fastener). 
At the end of the knitting, the loops closed and tied the side with a crocheted SN hook, and instead of buttonhole loops - a chain of vozd. loops. Then she tied a scarf along the entire perimeter with "shells" from 7СН and this side with buttonholes too, but caught "shells" by the chains of air. loops. 
Then she tied the entire scarf with an orange string of sc. and sewed knitted buttons.
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