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Gentle powder shades, flowing draperies and feminine lines-this is a favorite theme not only knitted fashion. The femininity of the style additionally emphasizes the wonderful yarn with the addition of shimmering silk.
Size: 34/36 (38/40 in) 42/44
You will need: yarn (50% cotton, 30% polyamide. 20% Silk; 125 m/50 g) — 450 (500) 550 g. Powder and for 100, the lilac and coral; Hook № 3.5 and 4; Buttons of lilac color with a diameter of 22 mm.

The main pattern: (Hook № 4) The number of loops of the initial row multiple 6 + 1. Knit SOGL. Diagram 1. To start with loops before Raport, raport constantly repeating, to finish loops after raport. Run 1 times 1-3 series, then constantly repeat the 2nd + 3rd series.
Ryusha pattern: (Hook № 4) The initial number of loops multiple 4 + 1. Knit as the main pattern, but SOGL. Diagram 2. To start with loops before Raport, raport constantly repeating, to finish loops after raport. Run 1 times 1-5 series.
Elastic band in circular rows: (Hook № 3.5) = 1st and all subsequent circular rows: 2 initial VP alternately 1 relief Art. c/N for the front wall (= 1st. S/N, thus to enter the hook in front around the St. C/N of the previous circular series), 1 relief art. c/N for the back wall (= 1st. S/n, while inserting the hook at the back around the previous round of the former circle.), Finish 1 Art. In the last initial VP
Sequence of colors of gum: * On 2 circular series thread Powder, lilac, coral, from * constantly repeating.
Knitting density: The main pattern is 25 p. of the initial row x 13 p. = 10 x 10 cm; The Rusha pattern is 25 p. of the initial row = 10 cm. 5 p. = 5 cm.
Attention: Shelves and a back with sleeves to knit a uniform cloth without humeral seams.

Job Description:

Knitted crochet Jacket

For the left shelf: the thread of the powder to perform a chain of 91 (97) 103 V P + 1 VP Lifting and knit the main pattern. At the same time to add for the whole-knitting ruksva on the right edge of work in each 2nd row of 12 x3 p. = 1/2 raport sogl. pattern = 21 (22) 23 Raport. Through 38.5 cm = 50 rows (39 cm = 51 series) 40 cm = 52 series from the initial row to skip for the shoulder/sleeve line 15 (16) 17 rapports from the right edge of the robot and on the remaining loops for the collar to continue the robot main pattern. After 9.5 cm = 12 rows from the beginning of knitting collar finish the work.

Right shelf: knit the same, but in the mirror display. Then for a backrest again to include in work left loops of shelves, for this to connect details, having executed an intermediate chain from 43 V.P. and to continue work on all loops a uniform cloth. After 20 (20.51) 21.5 cm from the shoulder line to skip on both sides of the 3 loops = 1/2 Raport and then skip in each 2nd row another 11 x 3 p. = 1/2 raport. Through 38 cm = 50 rows (39 cm = 51 series) 40 CM – 52 series from the shoulder line/sleeve to finish the robot.
Assembly: Perform the collar seam and sew it to the intermediate chain of the backrest, and if necessary, lightly plant the volume. Perform side seams. For the cuff to tie the edges of the sleeves with a coral thread, performing 58 (62) 66 art. c/N, respectively, and lock into the ring with the help of 1 nozzle. Art. Continue working with the elastic band. Sequence of colors, thus in the 1st circular row, evenly distributed, reduce 10 p. = 43 (52) 56 p. At the width of the cuff 11 cm to finish the job. Boards of shelves and edge of a collar to tie a thread of a Powder 1 near art. c/N. The bottom cut to tie a coral thread a pattern of rusha, thus in each raport of the basic pattern to execute 6 art. S/n, in the last rapport to perform 5 art. C/n = 329 (353) 377 p. Then execute the 2-5 series of Circuit 2 and finish the job. For the top Ryusha lilac thread to execute 2-5-th series of scheme 2, thus in the 1st row to execute art. S/n around from. S/N of the 1st row of the lower Ryusha, on the right shelf execute the loop for the button, for this thread of the Powder fasten after about 20 cm from the bottom edge, execute a chain of 10 VP, 1 soed. Art. To the place of attachment, 1 V P lifting and 14 art. b/n around the loop.

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