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For knitting used Semenovskaya Classic LINE yarn SVETLANA 100g / 250m 2 hank, knitted in 2 strings. 
Spokes number 3.5 and 4, additional needle and a few markers. 
For a size of 46 cm and a face grip of 48 cm for knitting needles No. 3.5, dial 69 loops + 1 loop in order to close the ring and knit 1: 1 round rubber band approximately 3 cm.

After the gum go to the spokes number 4 and knit 2 rows of faces. loops. Remove 18 chin loops on the pin and continue knitting in swivel rows. For knitting, use the Hedgehogs pattern and simple braids. 
We knit the 1st row: Krom, 6 persons; * 1 out, 6 faces for pigtails, 1 out; 7 persons and then repeat from *. At the end of a row of 6 faces and chrome. 
2nd row: chrome, 6 loops pattern Hedgehogs; * 1 person, 6 w, 1 person; 7 loops pattern Hedgehogs and then repeat from * 
Next continue to knit alternating pattern Hedgehogs and pigtails. The first interlacing of the braids is done in the 5th row, 2 braids with a slope to the left and 2 braids with a slope to the right. 
Then repeat the pigtails in every 8th row.

We knit the depth of the hat-helmet, in my case it turned out 15 cm together with an elastic band. Then we divide all the loops into 3 parts, if we divide with the remainder we add to the central part and close the back of the helmet-cap according to the heel principle until the central loops remain on the needles (the side must be all closed) We 
collect all remaining loops including chin loops on the circular needles , and also we type loops along the edge of closed loops and we knit round knitting with the needles No. 3.5 an elastic band 1: 1 approximately 5 cm.

After the gum is tied, we again switch to the needles No. 4 and begin to knit the shirtfront, for this we divide all the loops into 3 parts. I got the total number of loops 78, divide by 3 turns on 26 loops. 
We distribute 26 loops to the front and back part of the shirtfront, and the third part is divided in half and 13 loops each will go to the shoulders. We continue to knit on the principle of raglan.

For knitting the shirtfront, I used the “Rice” pattern (1st row: 1 face, 1 out, and the 2nd row the opposite — 1 of, 1 face). 
Knit 26 loops pattern "Rice"; shoulder-length, 2 faces, 9 loops “Rice” pattern, 2 faces; 26 loops "Figure" and the second shoulder -2, 9 loops pattern "Figure", 2 faces. The addition of raglan do 4 rows before and after individuals. loops. 
It is enough to knit about 20 rows and close all the loops. 
Cap-helmet is ready.

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