Knitted Fashionable Vest

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Scheme of girls from Osinka, and the description is already my zhiletochki. 
The back-72 loop and knit until it was necessary to do the increments did the same as on the shelves, for the neck closed about 12 loops approximately and then the cut made in each second row 2 pieces each! until 31 stitches from the left with edge-to-shoulder) 

Shelve-dial 23 loops and added skheme1- get 36 stitches, knit 20 cm or I got a drawing at the end of the third diamond to make allowances for the sleeves on skheme2. (add 10 stitches) 
Knit Approximately 7cm or by the design at the end of the 4th rhombic, start closing for the neck-6 loops, 4, 2, 2, 1.1. Close the shoulder-31 loop. 
Sew and make cords a crochet-a row of bols. and 6 sts with a crochet

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