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The cardigan is knitted for her beloved granddaughter as described by designer    Hanna Maciejewska I love to knit seamless things! The cardigan lives up to its name - simple and beautiful in this simplicity. Very adorn the details. Nothing extra. 

In general, the result was pleased. Hanna Maciejewska, thanks for the description!

Yarn  Color City Chipo , 45% Australian wool, 55% acrylic, color No. 2107 (pink), 100g / 330m. The needles circular number 2. Yarn a little upset. Already in mating began to fall, clinging to the spokes. In the places of transition from the spokes to the spokes, there remained bands that did not disappear during washing and steaming. In addition, knitting mows a bit and the front surface twists. Even kerchief does not hold. (I had to step back from the description and knit the slats with an elastic band.

When everything is connected, at first it was not very pleased with the result. It was necessary to make the same finish, sew pockets and buttons, and the blouse began to play!
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