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A brief description.

Gained 208 loops on 8 rapports on circular needles with a red thread.

If the memory does not change the rapport 26 loops. 4 rows of garter stitch (note that we knit in a circle). Then go to the white yarn.

We knit 4 rows of stockings, then according to the scheme.

After 50 rows I made 4 loops of decreasing evenly, so that the next picture lay down clearly without displacements.

Thus, the needles 204 loop.

The last ornament (in the diagram 53-58 rows) is performed one and a half rapport vertically.

Ie get three rows with red "dots".

Then we make reductions - through one loop, i.e. 1 front, 2 together.

And so on until the end of the series.

Then go to the red yarn and knit gum 2 by 2.

Spokes also change size smaller.

Perhaps the number of loops will need to be customized (plus minus 2 loops) just will not say.

Since the belt was not very elastic, I made it hollow and inserted a rubber band into it.

I tied up the belt here several times.

And this option was the best.

To do this, I got the same number of loops from the inside of the belt and made the same 2 by 2 elastic (without shifting the pattern, just like the first one, so that the elastic bands would fit one into the other), then fasten the loops of both elastic bands together (two loops - one for each knitting needle, without changing the pattern of the elastic band) and then closed the hinges with a needle.

One moment: before you combine the belt loops, do not forget to insert the elastic. 
Lace with pompoms.

This lace is usually knit on a coil with 4 studs.

But just at that moment this device was not at hand.

And I had to get out.

Found in the internet such a micron. ..

Knitted in the same way, only three loops.

I made 2 pom-poms, tied a bow and sewed it to the waist of the skirt.

That's all.


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