Knitting Jacket with Round Yoke

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Jacket with round yoke Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 450 (500) 550 g 
Beige Yarn tt Umerei (650/0 
Whose wool, 35% polyamide, 80 M50 
D); Circular spokes 6 and N97; The Buttons, 
Pearl Pattern: Even number 
Loops. Each p. Start and 
1 Chrome. 1st P.: 1 persons., 1 H. 
Alternately. 2nd and 4th p.: Loops 
Knit a picture. 3rd p.: 1, 1 
Persons. Alternately. Repeat from 1st 4th p. 
Persons. Surface: Persons. P.-Persons, p., N. R.-Izn. P. 
Spit (from 8 p. + 2 Krom.): Knit by 
Diagram, which contains only the 
Persons. R., in the "R. All loops knit isn. 
Knit between Crom. Marked N. 
Repeat from 1st to 14th P "finish 1st-6th P. 
Elastic Band: Even number of loops: knit 
Between crowns. Alternately 1 LCH and 1 
IPMs. Odd number of loops: Chrome, 
1 person., 1, alternately, 
1 person. In the Izh. P. Loops Knit 
According to the figure. 
Density of knitting. Pearl 
Pattern: 16 p. and 23.5 r. = 1 Oh 10 cm; Persons. 
Surface: 16 p. and 22.5 R. 10 x 10 cm. 
Attention! Jacket knit to Armholes Entire. 
Description of work: on spokes 7 
Cross-shaped dial 136 (152) 168 p. and knit Pearl pattern. After 17 cm -40 p. From inlaid edge to start 
Knit faces. Surface. After 18 cm 
40 p. From change of pattern to divide for 
Work as follows: 
Postpone for the kidneys on 33 (37) 41 
External PV and first knit on medium- 
70 (78) 86 p. Persons. Smooth back. 
Simultaneously from the division of work 
Close for rounding the armholes with 
Both sides 3 p. and in each 2nd P. 
2x1 p.: 60 (68) 76 p. Through 2.5 cm 
6 p. From the division of work all loops 
Postpone. Then knit the faces. Surface 
Shelves and perform with the internal 
Edge of the rounded armholes, as on the spin- 
(32) 36 p. At the height of the backrest 
Loops to postpone. 
Sleeves: On the spokes of M. 7, dial the 
Stooђraznym set of 48 (56) 64 
N. and knit faces. Surface. After 2.5 cm 
b p. From inlaid edge Close for 
The sleeve of the sleeves on both sides of the P. C. and 
Each 2nd p. 2х 1 P. = 38 (46) 54 p. 
After 5 cm 12 p. From the inlaid edge 
All loops to postpone. 
Yoke: Put the sleeves between the 
and backrest, translate 
Postponed p. On Spokes 7 and on 
All 192 (224) 256 p. Tie 4.5 cm 
10 p. (6 cm 14 R.) 8 cm 18 p. Persons. 
Surface. Then all loops close. On 
Spokes g • Ј 9 7 dial for spit 10 p., 
Connect 224 (252) 280 R. and all Loops 
Close. Sew the braid Right box- 
The smoke edge to the closed loops of the cockpit 
Key. On the spokes IU 7 dial the Left 
Side edge of The Spit 131 (147) 163 
N. and knit with pearl pattern. On 
Height of pearl pattern 5 cm = 12 
P. Go to spokes 6 and tie 
For the strap 4 cm elastic band, then all 
Loops close. 
Assembly: For the planks dial at the edges 
Shelves, including short sides 
Straps by DD (103) 107 p. and knit 
Rubber band. After 1 cm execute on 
The right strap with the holes for the 
Rec: Close 1 p. and the next p. 
To dial it again. Run Top 
Hole through 4 p. From the top edge, 
The following 2 holes perform with 
Intervals of 13 (15) 17 p. height 
5 cm planks all loops close by 
Drawing. Run the stitches and 
Seams of sleeves. Sew the buttons. 

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