Crochet Skirt Pattern

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Color Turquoise-and 
White Color-100, 
Rubber band • 2m, 
Size 46-48 
Tie the skirt from the waist down with one canvas. Associate 
The chain of the EAP on the inch more girth waist, lock- 
Nita • it into the ring and tie the 6 rows of the mesh to the 
Rubber. Then, bind simple Poluazhur- 
Pattern up to the length of the jasm according to the proposed scheme 
Or use your own patterns. Each circular row 
Start the chain of lifting from the air loops on the 
The height of the series (Z, 4 or 5 vp) and finish the 
Loop, closing the row. If the height is. Rapport 
The pattern of the 2 rows and the pattern is repeated several times 
On the diagram 1 about the series is written 1 3.4, (or 1 
and 2, 4, 6) If 1 row is 1 or 1-7. During knitting 
Perform white horizontal strips, Orien 
Tirujas by photo or by your choice. Duration 
Those knitting skirts expanding flounce height 
26cm the scheme (the last row of the scheme 1 = the first 
Series 2). Prodernite the rubber bands through the 
Mesh on the waist and sew them in the ring. 

Pattern Here : 

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