Pullover with Decorative Button

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Pullover with Decorative Button 
Size: 36/38 (40/42 in) 44/46 
You will need: 500 (550) 600 g 
Yarn (59% cotton, 
410/0 viscosis, 305 m/50 g); Direct and 
Circular Spokes 4; 15 buttons. 
Ice surface: Faces. P.-Persons. P., N. R. IPMs. P. 
Openwork pattern: Number of loops multiple 
4 + 2 + 2 Crom, knit according to the scheme, 
On which the persons are listed. and N. R. 
Start with 1 Kroi. and loops in front of the 
Gortom, repeating Raport. Children Lucky 

Loop after the Raport and 1 chrome. 
Repeat from 1st to 4th p. 
Elastic Band: Odd number of loops, 
Persons. R.: Krom., • 1, persons... Temperatures 
The tear from finishing 1, Crom, 
IPMs. P.: Loops knit on the figure. 
Density of knitting. Persons, Surface: 23 p. 
[431.5 p. 
10 x 10 cm; Openwork Pattern: 
18.5 p. and 34, 10x10 cm, 
Backrest: Dial 111 (123) 135 p. and 
Tie for the Tlani 5.5 cm 18 p. Persons. 
Smooth, evenly consequences- 
The P. 19 (23) 27 P. = 92 (100) 
108 p. Then knit openwork rsrsm. 
At the same time from the Lganka close for 
The lateral bevel on both sides of the 
Every 20th p. E x P.: 80 (88) 
96 p. through 36 cm = 122 p. St. Bars 
Again start knitting faces. The smooth, 
This in the 1st p. Evenly add 
(20) 22 p. 98 (108) 118 p. Through 
10 cm = 32 R. (7.5 cm = 24 R.) 5 cm: 
16 p. St Change the pattern to close for 
From both sides of the P. C. and in each 
2nd R. 1 x 2i3х1 p. = 82 (92) 102 p. 
Cut 26.5 cm 84 p. From Pattern change 
Close for the neck cut 
26 p. and Dte side finish 
Separately. For rounding Close 
From the inner edge in every 2nd p. 
2x3 and 2x2 G]. After 30 cm = 94 R. From 
Change the pattern to close with each 
Wounds remaining SV (23) 23 p, shoulder, 
Before: Knit the same, but for cutout 
The neck closes after 4 cm = 12 p. 
From the change of pattern average 8 p. and both 
Side to finish separately, for 
Rounding close with inner 
Edge in each 2nd p. 1 x Z, 2 x 2 and 5 
X 1 P. Through 14.5 cm 46 p. from shift 
To add the pattern from the inner edge 
1 p. v each 2nd p. 8x p. Through 
21 cm 66 p. From Pattern change close 
For further rounding of the cut 
From the inner edge of 3 p. and c each 
2nd p, 2х2idх1 p. 
Sleeves: Dial 81 (93) 105 p, and the 
2 cm Rubber Band. Then knit the faces. 
Smooth, at the same time from gum 
To add to the bevel sleeves from both 
Parties in each 2nd p. 4х 1 P.: 89 
(101) 113 p. after 3 cm; 10 p, from 
Gum close to the sleeve sleeves with 
Vow Parties 4 p. and in each 2nd P. 
4 p.) 1 XZ, through 
16.5 cm = 52 p. From Gum Close 
Remaining 7 (11) 15 p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. 
For the upper cut bar, dial 
On circular spokes on the top 
Bight Neck cut 
106 L., tie 4 p, licџ the smooth and 
All loops close the lats. Bottom 
Bight cutout of the front. Including 
Tea short side Top plan- 
Ki dial 100 p. and knit the same way

 Sew on the bar of the cut button, 
As pictured. To pump the sleeves, 
Thread side seams and seams of sleeves, 

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