Sleeveless Sweatshirt Crochet Pattern

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Sleeveless Sweatshirt Material
FOCH (coarse) beige (802)
400G/10 Group 
. Tool Crochet 5/0 Number
. Finished size bust 100cm, Maxi
60cm, shoulder sleeve length 28cm 
. Density x Area:
Weave pattern, 1, 12 rows 
To the knitting point before and after the body piece lock needle up 
Needle, crochet pattern, line 1th pick up the needle 
Lock needle in the mountains, crochet 5-pin long needle. 
The short stitch of the 2nd line, the whole bundle provoked the previous 
The head of the president's needle and the lock pin. From Hem to
Straight-stitched shoulder needles, stop at cuff openings 
Mark of the line to be added. Refer to the illustration,
The position of the shoulder on line 30th is changed to a short stitch. 
Front and back crochet 2 pieces of the same fabric. Group
Joint Shoulder Roll stitch. To leave the cuffs on.
Position, the remainder uses the "1-pin short 
Needle, 4-pin lock stitch "pin seam. Sleeve
Round-trip crochet short needle into a ring. 

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

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