Knitting Yellow Top Pattern

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he size of the jersey on the diagram: 42-44. 
For the shirt you will need: cotton yarn (100% cotton, 565 m / 100 g) 130 g yellow and 50 g white; hook number 1; a button of white color. 
The basic patterns used for knitting shirts: crocheted patterns according to Schemes 1 and 2; knitted braid according to the scheme 3. 

Carry out a full-size product design . 
1. The main cloth: to do the canvas by the pattern on cx. 1 (16 times the width, 10 times the height), alternating the yarn in color according to the same scheme. Connect the blade to the ring while performing the right side row - see c. 1.
2. To make a pattern of the top of the product in full size, continue knitting from the top edge of the main fabric of yarn of yellow color in a pattern. 2. The cuts for the armhole and cut-out of the neck are done according to the shape in full size. 
3. Carry out the flower part for the cutout of the throat passing along the cx. 4, sew to the notch of the front liner. 
Tie a yarn of white color: the bottom of the product - a pattern on the c. 3a), armholes - patterned on cx. 3b), the neckline of the backrest is 1-r. R. Art. b / n and 1-im p. st / n, incision on the back - 2 p. Art. b / n, performing on one side a "loop" for a button (an arch of the 10th century), on the other hand sew a button.

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