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“Double” sweater An 
unusual sweater with a 2-in-1 effect, in which the bright yarn of sectional dyeing and a noble gray thread are joined. 

Jumper in polish with “cones” 

36/38 (40 / 42–44 / 46–48 / 50) 

Yarn 1 (50% orange wool, 50% cashmere wool; 110 m / 50 g) - 400 (450- 450-500 g of gray; 
Yarn 2 (100% sheep's wool; 110 m / 50 g) - 300 (300-350-350) g ​​of rainbow-colored dye; Knitting needles number 5; Circular knitting needles No. 4, 5 and 5 are long, 40 cm. 


1st and last loops of each row should be knitted with facial = knot edge. 

alternating 1 facial, 1 iznonochnaya. 

The facial rows are facial hues, the inner rows are inner harnesses. In the circle rows, knit all the loops with facial loops. 

Pattern "Cone" with "Coca". In width start c chrome. and 29 (33-37-41) paragraph from arrow a (bcd) to the arrow e, repeat rapport 6 times 6 points between the arrows e and f = middle pattern, then finish the row symmetrically, for this to knit 29 (33- 37-41) n. From the arrow e to the arrow a (bcd), except. 

Distribution of gestation begin in izn. the row. For this, rows a, grayed out, knit 1 time, then on the “Cheshechki” pattern repeat from the 1st to the 8th row, and on the “Os” from the 1st to the 12th row. 

“Double” sweater 

20 p. X 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with the front surface of the yarn 1;
21 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the sharpening of “Shishechzhi” with “braids” of yarn 2. 
Samples are made on the needles No. 5. 

Dzhempep polosky with a "knobs" 


Ha dial needles №5 ceroy thread 88 (96-104-112) f., And to lower planĸi knit 5 cm = 12 p. rubber band 

Next, knit the face with a smooth surface, changing the color in the specified sequence. 

Through 23.5 (23.5-22-22) cm = 64 (64-60-60) p. from the bar to add from both sides for skirts 1 times 1 p., then in every 4 p. Esche 2 times in 1 p. = 94 (102-110-118) p. 

Through 27.5 (27.5-26-26) cm = 74 (74-70-70) p. from strips of petl to leave.

For the upper part, re-set with gray thread 94 (102-110-118) p. And for the strip knit 5 cm = 12 p. rubber band After this, place the backrest loops at work and in the next facial row knit together paired together with the face 1 n. Plan of the upper part from 1 point with the auxiliary knitting needle. 

In the next row of threads, start knitting with a “Cone” pattern with “braids”, while at the beginning of the row add 1 p. = Chrome. 94 (102-110-118) to bind according to a number, allocated to a gray color on the diagram, and distribute loops, as indicated, and at the end of the series add 1 s. = ĸром.

Farther to knit 96 (104-112-120) p. Pattern “Shischechi” with “Kos”, with this, in order to prolong the bevels, add from both sides in the 7th p. From the top bar 1 time by 1 point, in the next 4th p. Add another 1 time for 1 p. and then in each of the 2nd p. 13 times 1 p. = 126 (134-142-150) p. The impressed loops should be included in a narrow pattern. 

Through 27.5 (29-30.5-32) cm = 68 (72-76-80) p. from the top slat close the neckline of the middle 24 (26-28-30) paragraph and first finish off the left side. 

To curb the mouth close at the inner edge in each 2nd p. 1 time 4 p. And 1 time 2 p. 

Through 2.5 cm = 6 p. from the beginning of the cut to close the remaining 45 (48-51-54) p. plecha. 

Secondly finish symmetrically. 

Knit like a back, but for a deeper cut-out of the mouth, close the average 16 (18-20-22) section already through 24.5 (26-27.5-29) cm = 60 (64-68-72) p. from the top bracket. 

For rounding the neck, cover the inner edge in each 2nd p. 1 times 3 points, 2 times 2 points and 3 times 1 point. 

knitting needles No. 5 with a gray thread, dial 48 (50-52-54) points and knit for a pattern of 7.5 cm = 18 p. rubber 

Further knit stitch, changing the color in the sequence. In 9 (7-5-3) p. From the strip, add from both sides for bevels 1 times 1 p. 1, then in each 8th p. (successively in each 6th and 8th p. - in each 6th p. - alternately in every 4th and 6th p.) 9 (11-13-15) times 1 p. = 68 (74-80-86) p. 

Through 36.5 (35-32.5-30.5) cm = 98 (94-88-82) p. from the hinge plate to close. 

Fill stitches. 

On border buttons No. 4, 5, select the thread of the section paint on the right of the neck 112 (116-120-124) section and for the round collar, tie it with curved stitches. After 4 cm from the set of loops go to the needle knitting needle number 5 and continue to knit with a rubber band. 18 cm from the beginning of the collar, close all the heels according to the pattern. 

Fill the side seams, while not capturing the narrow sides of the upper planes. Then separate the narrow sides of the upper plank. Run the seams of the sleeves. Ruĸawa should enter into the openings and sew in such a way that the outer 4 parts of the upper part of the pullover can be freely extended. Go

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