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I want to show you a recent find - beautiful knitted cardigans, they are pullovers, they are just plain blouses (to be honest, I even find it difficult to find the right term for these gizmos) from Eva Dietrich, whose company Wolkenstricker has existed since 1979.

Look, what a charm, what a harmonious combination of feminine classics and modern style. The very thing for the autumn!

Experienced knitters probably will notice that there are not so many models of blouses themselves, but embroidery on them is the most diverse. I most like models in muted colors, but it looks like bright colors are also very popular - there are many examples in the collection. The palette is there - as if transferred from a flowering meadow :) The color of rose hips and roses on green leaves, berries in the grass, cherries among leaves - a lot of summer inspiration ...

Most of the photos were originally blurred and small, I slightly processed them to better see the details. 

As far as I understand, the lady in these photos is the author of the works. She's very good at it!

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/3555269/post420782560/

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