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I have long wanted to knit beret in early autumn. Simple, without any tricks. And so that on the top there was a small tail. But on the Internet as an evil one model is pretentious than the other. In general, you can not find what you want - think up yourself. 
Absolutely free sharing with you. 
For the beret, I chose Alize Angora Gold Pullu (50 g / 215 m). Knitted in two threads. It took me a little more than a skein (about 60 g). You can choose any similar yarn. You also need circular needles 40 cm long in two sizes - for the elastic and the main blade. I have it 3.25 and 4.5 respectively. And of course, stocking knitting needles for knitting the top. 

For smaller knitting needles, type 90 + 1 loop and close the knitting into a circle. Knit 10 rows with 1 * 1 elastic.
We turn to knitting the main fabric, while changing the size of the spokes. We knit the front satin stitch (all rows front). In the first row every three loops do an increase. As a result, the needles should be 120 loops. 
After 25 rows go to the gutter. We will do them in each row. 120 loops we divide into 6 sectors (20 loops each). For convenience, you can mark them with markers. I did a slowdown, tying together the last two loops of each sector. There is another option when reductions are made on the first two loops. Choose what you like best.))) 
The last 6 loops translate into one stocking needle. 
Knit them with facial ones, move them to the right end of the knitting needles and, without turning the knitting, we knit again. Thus knit six rows. We should have a hollow cord.
We tighten loops, we hide the ends. Our beret is ready. 

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