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Knitted shoes are a fashion trend for a season. I suggest crocheting summer boots (well, right on the principle of "prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart in the winter")! The boot is connected as a stocking, and then is dressed in simple shoes, and in the area of ​​the toe to the ground, a piece of additional sole is attached. At someone's sight, it is completely impractical, but how beautiful! 

150 g of mixed mélange yarn with golden lurex of brown scale; hook number 1.5; elastic band 1cm wide. 

Description of work. 
Before you start, make a full-size golf shape in full size, see Figure 1 for dimensions. 

Begin to knit according to scheme 1. Note that the foot is knitted st / n, the upper part of the golf is knitted with a sirloin grid 1 st / n, 1 air. Add a hole for the heel.

Continue to knit according to scheme 1a. Pay attention to the part of the golf, indicated in the scheme 1a letters ABCD - it is permeated with various poles for a more tight fitting of the leg. 

After completing this part with a length of 10 cm, then knit with a sieve net of st / 2n, 1 air. etc. On the last row of a sirloin grid, stretch the elastic band in the color of golf 1 cm wide.

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