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SIZE: SML-XL-XXL  (dimensions in centimeters are given in the description).

19-2123-25-27 skeins of ROWAN "Felted Tweed Aran" yarn (50% sheep wool, 25% alpaca, 25% viscose, 50 g - 87 m), needles number 4.5 and 5.
Very beautiful free sweater-pillowcase. The description is given literally on all sizes, and will go from all. Sweater looks very nice.
In the top photo, we showed it in large, but how the sweater looks in its entirety:
Must be bound!

Knitting density:
18.5 loops and 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm.
Dial 126-134-146-158-170 loops and 15 rows of knit with an elastic band * 2 face, 2 purl *. For size M, add 1 edge edge from the edges; there will be a total of 136 loops.
Next, knit a braided pattern according to the pattern:
SCHEME (you can save and it increases when you click!)

Having knitted 63-65-67-69-71 cm, begin to form the shoulder line: in each second row, here are so many times: 10-9-5-10-9 close 3-3-3-4-4 extreme loops and 0- 1-5-0-1 times 0-4-4-0-5 extreme loops. There will be 66-74-76-78-88 loops in total.
For the neck on the back, close the 22-22-24-24-26 central hinges.
In each second row, knit 3 edge loops of the neckline 3 times 3 times. Simultaneously close 2–4 times 3-4–4–5–5 loops of the shoulder line.
And also in the same row, then close 10-12-12-13-15 loops.
It knits similarly to the back to the shoulder line (63-65-67-69-71 cm).
5-5-4-4-3 times close the 3-3-3-4-4 loops of the shoulder line (there will be 96-106-122-126-146 loops).
The shoulder line is then formed in the same way as on the back, and for the neckline in each second row close 3, 2 and 1 extreme loop.
Knit finish, closing all the loops of the shoulder line.
On the needles number 4.5 dial 34-34-38-38-38 loops.
16 rows to knit a rubber band * 2 face, 2 purl *. Having distributed evenly between the loops, add another 10-12-10-10-12 additional loops.
Next, knit wicker pattern number 5.
Expand the canvas at the edges, adding loops in each 4 rows until they become 54-60-64-76-78, and then in each 6 rows until they become 74-78--82-86-88.
Having knitted 43-44-45-45-45 cm, form the head of the sleeve: in every second row 2-1-3-1-1 rvz close 8-8-9-9-9 loops, then 1-2-0- 2-2 times close on 9-9-0-10-10 loops.
The remaining 24-26-28-28-30 loops close in the same row.
All the details of the sweater sew.
For spokes with line number 4.5, dial 84-84-90-90-96 loops around the neckline. 10 rows knit with an elastic band * 1 front, 1 purl *. Next, in each purl loop, tie them over an additional loop (there will be 126-126-135-135-144 total loops) and knit 10 rows with an elastic band * 1 front, 2 purl *.
Now knit on an additional loop next to each face loop (it will become 168-168-180-180-192 loops) and then knit it with an elastic band * front, 2 purl *. Having knitted 25 cm from the beginning of the neck, close all loops.

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