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To create a set of short and top crochet used:

Yarn "Pehorka successful" 220 m / 50 g, crochet 1.6 mm.

Flower motif scheme:Motive Description: A 

chain of 10 in. to close the ring (colored thread). 
1st row: 3 c. p. lifting, 23 st1n (colored thread). 
2nd row: 3rd c. lifting point, 1 st1n, 8th c. p., * 4 st1n, 8 v. n. * from * to * repeat 5 times, 2 st1n, ss (white thread). 
3rd row: 1st c. P. * under the arch of 8-in. p. - 8 st1s, 3 v. p., 8 st1n, 2sbn about the 2nd and 3rd st1n of the previous row *, repeat to the end of the row, at the end of 1 sat (white thread).

Tied one daisy, then the second and in the last row of the second daisy connected in two tops with. with. (1 in. P., P. P., 1 in. P.)

The bottom row is ready, it turned out 10 daisies, 5 pieces in front and behind, only 58 cm, my daughter's chest girth was 57 cm, we measured, it turns out fine. The size of one chamomile is 6.5 cm. The ends of the colored and white threads are hidden after knitting each chamomile.

On the 36th daisy the first white hatch is over

I knit further ... 
Well, here are my daisies and are connected, only 62 things: 50 for a topic and 6 for each leg.

Then I began to knit shorts (they are knitted from bottom to top), I leveled the edge with the help of arches from 3 v. Section (at the top of the SS, then ssn, then s2sn, and 3 columns with 3 nakida with one tip), then just one continuous canvas in each arochka for 3 ssn

they measured it too tightly and I tied it up, adding in each row, starting from the second row, 1 cst first, from one side of the chain from 3 in. to lift, then at the end of the row, and so I connected 9 rows. The 10th row of each pant I knit like this: 10 sbn, then ssn and finished the row again 10 sbn. This is done to ensure that the flat row is not strongly protruded, because by adding loops at the point of increase, the web protrudes.

Leg knitting scheme

I sewed the two halves of sbn in a place where I knit sbn and began to knit ssn in a circle, at the same time I took a hook of 1.7 mm, since I knit tightly and the shorts were too small. She added:  it is necessary to measure the circumference of the two legs, multiply it by two and take it away (the girth of the hips + a little for free dressing, see three), the difference and sew together. Do not forget to try on ...

Dimensions: right after daisies 15 cm, at the junction of 16 cm, after connecting 26.5 cm. Having knitted 13.5 cm or 27 rows of ssn from the junction, I began to knit also in a circle, but in front sbn, behind ssn, tied 5 rows, finished sbn and comp. a column connected a row, further 4 century. n. lifting and s2sn in each loop of the previous row, ss. The next row is a bun and a row of strapping, with the number of loops must be a multiple of 4.

Top trim shorts:Belt closer

Well, that's all the shorts are ready! The topic was knitting like that, leveled the edge with the help of arches from the 3rd century. (at the top of the cc, then csn, then c2sn, and 3 columns with 3 nakida with one tip), then just one continuous canvas in each arochka with 4 csn white thread, 3 csn, as on the shorts was narrow in the chest. I knit with a colored thread 2 ssn, 2 v. P.

Now strings. On the left side of the attached thread and scored 200 in. P., then came back along it sbn and went to tie up sbn top of the top to the next tie already on the back, also scored 200 in. n. and returned sbn, etc. At the ends, she tied knots and inserted bells.

Bows made of satin ribbons and our topic is ready.

The whole set took 200 grams. Pekhorki Successful white color and some colored threads. 

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