Sweater with a pocket kangaroo

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YARN Yarn yarn, Composition: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyacryl 
Metric area: 50 gr. 160 mt., Color 16 bright blue 
Out 190g, knitting needles 3.5 on the main canvas and 3.0 on the gum. Raglan I knitted with a sprout shortened rows (10 rows). In raglan lines increase through the row. In the last row, the increase was done only on the back and front. Reglaned lines - purl loops. In a series of increments, in front of a raglan line, wrap a straight line; The length of the raglan line is 17 cm. Before being distributed on the front, back and sleeves on the needles, there were 235 loops. sweater body: 67 back loops, 68 loops in front, 5 loops undercuts - a total of 145 loops.

Got 70 loops Knitted sweater from the gate down without seams. Set on the string thread, then the main thread is 4 rows of facial, 1 row of purses, 2 rows of facial (in the second hole for the lace) and 2 more rows of facial, connected loops and still knitted 23 facial rows. In the last row I added 5 loops (I put in a small amendment — dial 75 loops at once and knit the gate a bit longer, then you do not need to add 5 loops) and distributed loops for tying raglan: 28 loops in front, 23 loops in the back, 10 loops in each sleeve and 4 loops on raglan lines.

I tied 54 rows (from the end of the gate) and left 26 loops on the front for a spare needle for my pocket, scored 26 loops as in the video and continued knitting a sweater. I knit 52 more rows, knitting was put off. 

Pocket knitting scheme.

Expanded, adding 1 loop in each second row after the first three loops at the beginning of the row, i.e. tied out the fourth loop 2 - first the loop itself, then the loop under it and before the last three loops at the end of the row - first the loop of the previous row, then loop itself. The edge of the pocket is tied with a hollow cord, as in the video, 

Pocket widened until 54 loops were made on the needles, then knitted directly with an ordinary edge. This part of the pocket is sewn to the sweater with a mattress seam. 

Knitting 52 rows of pockets in the next row, knitted the sweaters and pockets together and continued to knit to the desired length. Long back knit cropped short rows, leaving 5 loops on each side 5 times. Gum 1 x 1 14 rows. 

Closed on the wonderful description of Svetlana Zayets I really liked it so close gum. video (after 6 minutes) 

Sleeves 50 loops plus five loops of the undercut, a total of 55 loops. Gaps in each 10 row 2 loops 8 times. Elastic band on 38 loops 14 rows. The sleeve turned out to be long, but I will not dismiss, the cuff is bent. 

For the shadow pattern on the pocket there were 3 options. Chose the machine. 

The lace was knitting like in the video, only not on 3, but on 2 hook loops (the same can be knitted with needles)

At the ends of the lace hung transparent beads (found nothing else). 
Here are the dimensions after the WTO 

Gate width 16 cm. 


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