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The best ideas are born in a rush of inspiration.

The little girl in the openwork hat of a gentle lilac shade is only exploring this world, so big and interesting ... Let it grow in harmony with Nature, an inexhaustible source of Inspiration! Today - another model from the collection "Fairy Gifts" presented in the Gallery.Flowers are attached to the cap with a clip. They can be removed if necessary washing. Fields can be worn in different ways. 


For knitting, you need cotton (Narcissus, 100 g / 400 m), a hook of 1.3 mm, beads and flowers for decoration.

Dial 7 air loops, put into a ring. First row - 24 double crochet. Next, knit according to the scheme. Repeat the indicated rows as many times as indicated in the circle. Fields knit in a spiral so that there is no "seam". 

Wash the finished cap, dry, smooth and steam with an iron on both sides. Decorate the edges with beads. 


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