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Here is a verbal description with Osinki. For a child of 3-4 years old with a height of about 100 cm and a chest girth around 54 cm. Thread Souffle Semenov yarn 292 m in 100 g in two additions, knitting needles No. 5, the density of knitting is approximately 1.6 loops in cm, and 2 rows in 1 cm. We knit the back and front shelves with one cloth, to do this, we collect 126 loops + 2 edging and begin to knit:  Front row - edge, 6 face, 2 face cross, * 12 face, 2 face cross *, repeat ** 7 more times, 6 face edge. Wrong row - hem, we knit according to the pattern, those loops that are crossed do not knit, thread before work, hem. 

We knit further the main pattern. Make uniform reductions for two loops in each diamond during the first 15 cm of knitting. We get that in each diamond there are not 12 loops, but 10. In total, there remain 108 + 2 loop edges. 
At a height of 33-35cm make closures for the sleeves. Since the front plate is not in the middle, we define our 110 loops as follows: 33 loops left shelf, 56 back and 21 right shelves .. We knit separately, for armholes on the backs from the sides we make two times a decrease of 3 loops totaling the work remains 44. In the left and right shelves, on the one hand, we do twice 3 loops of a decrease, as a result - the left shelf of 27 loops, and the right one - 15 loops. We knit the backrest - at a height of 11-12 cm, we leave the middle 14 loops, and the rest of the loops left and right (15 loops each) we knit another 2 cm and close. Total length from the beginning of the armhole sleeve to the shoulder - 13-14 cm. The right shelf fits entirely to this height. We knit the left shelf to a height of 10-11 cm, leave the 12 loops on the right, and leave the remaining 15 knit another 3cm and close. Stitch shoulder seams. 
Begin to knit collar. We take 12 loops from the left shelf, recruit another 7 loops to the shoulder seam, total from the left shelf we get 19 loops, longer on the back to the left 14 loops we collect 6 loops and after another 6 loops to the right shoulder seam and 7 more loops after the shoulder seam right shelf. In total, we should have 52 loops. Knit them with a 2x2 rubber band about 10 cm and close. The collar is ready. 
Knit strap. We collect 90 loops along the length of our coat and collar and we knit 2x2 5 cm with an elastic band and leave holes for buttons on one of the slats. 
Sleeves. We type on the needles No. 3 into one thread 42 loops (40 elastic bands + 2 edges) and knit with 2x2 10 cm elastic, then go on needles No. 5, add the second thread and knit with the main pattern. After every 6 rows, remove the increments from both ends by 1 loop 3 times and once by 1 loop through 8 rows. At a height of 25 cm from the gum, we begin to reduce two times in 3 loops, once in 2 loops, 5 times in 1 loop and 3 times in 2 loops. The remaining 12 loops close one-time. The length of the sleeve with an elastic band is about 45 cm.  

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