Crochet Dress Free Pattern

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Crochet Dress :
Sizes: 34 [33/40] 44/45 
You will need: 300 (400) G ђd, the and 200 (200) 3x G Grey yarn S01 
(1004 hregiment, 200 m, ' 100 g); Direct 
Spokes 7; Circular spokes 4.5. 
Wavy pattern: Number of loops multiple 
P + 2 Crom, knit lo scheme, on 
which are given only by the Picts, p., in 
IPMs. P. All PETPI and scum knit uzn. 
Repeat between the cut. Rapport and 
1st to 4th P. 

Sequence of alternation 
Stripes: 2 p. White and Grey 
Density of knitting, wavy pattern: 
19.5 and 23.5 cm. 
Spint White thread Dial 138 
(155) 172 p. and tie the P. Persons. 
This series is not taken into account gris 
An account. Then knit the Volni- 
The specified last 
The dress of the young Nerez 
70 p, st inlaid Edge 
Close both sides 14 p. and in 
Each 2nd p, 5 to 4 p, = 70 (87) 1с4 p. 
After 34 cm = p. from inlaid 
Edges knit with a thick white pattern 
Thread top, the height of the 
Hneј Parts 32.5 si 76 (29 cm 
68 p.) 25.5 cm 60 p, close the DPN 
On both sides of the 3 L. 
2nd p. 1h2i3hј p. = 54 (71) 88 L. 
At the height of the vdrhnvyu part 47.5 cm = 
112 R. Close for Neck cut 
Sџednie 14 (19) 24, and both sides 
Finish separately. To tighten the 
From the inner edge of the 
Every 2nd p,? X 3 and 2 x? D. 
Height of the upper part of 52 cm = 122 p. 
Close with each side of the left-hand 
Dxia (Pb) 22 L, shoulder. 
Before: Knit the same, but for the pain 
Deep Neck cut Close 
At the height of the upper part of the 30.5 cm 

72 P "Srzdjaj 8 (13) 18 G. and D each 
4th P, 
Assembly: Execute Pydchdvya and Baco- 
Seams, while on the part of the 
Perform only the seam on top of the Clos 
The "edges of the edge remain 
Open. Neck cut 
Dial on circular spokes BEPSJ 
Thread 124 (134) 144 link 
Circular P izn_ and all the PETPI close 
Persons. Lo armholes dial on circular 
Spokes white thread software 82 (before) de G. I 
Knit the same way. 

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