Yellow Sweater Free Pattern

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Openwork pullover with lateral slits
Size: 34/36, 38/40 and 42-44. 

The Data for the size 38/40 are shown in parentheses (), for the size of 42/44-in double brackets (()). 

If only one value is specified, it applies to all 3 dimensions. 

The Length of the pullover is 57 cm. 

For better understanding, it is recommended to read the instructions carefully and determine the necessary size accordingly. 

You will need: 

550 (600) (650)) G yarn (80% cotton, 20% polyamide (microfiber), 95 m/50 g); Spokes № 5-6 and one in the open. Spoke. 

Elastic Band: 1 H. N., 1 persons. P. 

Main Pattern: 
Persons. Surface: Persons. P.-Persons. P., N. R.-Izn. P. 

Openwork Braid: 
Knit according to the scheme for 47 p. 
In the Izh. The rows of the loop knit on the figure, the scum of the 
Repeat from 1st to 12th p. 
1 Patent loop: in persons. P. knit, N. P. To enter the spokes on the 1st row below and to touch the facial. 
The Loop of the previous row is released and on the Side is 1 patent loop. 

Density of Knitting: 
Persons. Gladi: 17 p. and 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
Openwork Spit: 21 p. and 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
Persons. The surface with Patent edge: 19 p. and 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Double Cross set to dial 67 (73) ((79)) p., purl 1 row, then knit rubber, and then after Chrome. P. Start with 1 H. P. and before Chrome. N. Finish 1 H. P. 

After 10 R. Gum loops distribute the footprint. Way: Chrome. P., 9 p. Gum, from the transverse thread to add 1 p. Persons. Crossed, 0 (3) ((6)) p. Main pattern, 47 p. openwork Oblique according to the scheme, 0 (3) ((6)) p. Main pattern, from the transverse thread to add 1 p. Persons. Cross, 9 p. Gum, Chrome. P. 

Continue in this distribution, with the bevel on both sides of another 12 x in each 4th p. Add 1 p. Persons. The scraper. (at the beginning of the series after the gum, at the end of the row before the rubber band). 

Additions include in the main pattern = 93 (99) ((105)) n. 

After the last addition on both sides instead of the patent loop to touch the faces. Smooth, average 47 p. Continue on the scheme = Chrome. P., 22 (25) ((28)) of the main pattern, 47 p. Openwork Spit, 22 (25) ((28)) of the main pattern, chrome. P. 

Through 48 cm = 120 p. openwork Spit on these 47 p. Knit elastic, and on both sides knit main pattern. 

After 10 p. Loops to close on the figure. 

Knit as a backrest. 

Double Cross set to dial 44 (46) ((48) p., Projazat 1 Izn. P., and then knit Rubber band. 

After 10 R. Gum loops distribute the footprint. Way: Chrome. N., 3 (4) ((5)) persons. P., * 1 Patent loop, 6 persons. P., to touch from * 5 times, to finish 1 patent loop, 3 (4) ((5)) persons. P., Krom. P. (= 6 patent ribs). 

For bevel sleeves on both sides in each 6th p. Add 16 x 1 P. (in each 6th p. 10 x 1 P., in each 4th p. 8 x 1 P.) ((in each 6th p. 5 x 1 P., in each 4th p. 15 x 1 p.) = 76 (82) ((88)) p.

Added loops knit faces. Surface. 
At The total height of 46 (44) ((43)) cm loops are free to close. 

Assembly of parts: 
Carry out the shoulder seams to the strap-gum. 
The Sleeves are rolled as marked, then perform the seams of the sleeves and side seams up to the arrow.

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