Long Cardigan Free Pattern

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Jacket 38 size is associated with 1100 grams of yarn (acrylic/wool). 
Knitting jacket on the spokes № 5. 
Jacket knit in two strands. The pattern for knitting-a Platelka and a rubber band 1x1 with an offset in each 4-th row on one loop.
The back is knit 7 cm of the knitted, then move on the pattern of elastic band. 
Make a cut on the pattern and description. 
The shelves are knit in a separate pattern as for the knitting of the backrest. 
After 7 SM of a platinky binding to tie a lath on 14 loops, the other 42 loops knit the basic pattern as for knitting of a backrest. 
Ready details sew and on a cut of a neck to dial 120 loops for knitting of a hood by a platelkoj with transition on the basic pattern.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/zhivaya_reka/post413980151/

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