Knitting Nice Tunic Free Pattern

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Knitting Tunic with a pattern :
Size: 34/36 (4244 in) 
You will need: 600 (750) G yarn 
Color Camel wool Riana (50% 
Sheep's wool, polyacryl. 5 
Viscose. 120 m/50 g): Straight Spokes 
4.5: Circular Spokes 4. 
Braid Pattern: Number of loops multiple 40 
16 2 shelter. Knit by scheme. The 
Only persons are listed. R... 
P. Loops knit on the figure, start 
with 1 cream. and loops before Raport 
Ah, repeat the rallort a. Finish 
Loops after retort A and crom. 
Repeat from the 3rd p24 • th p. 
Gum. Direct and Inverse R.: Number of 
Loops multiple 4 + 2 chrome. Persons. R.: 

Kroi., • 1 persons.. 2... 1 person.. Temperatures 
to tear from •. Krom, Izn, R.: Loops Knit 
According to the figure. Circular p.: Knit Field- 
Two persons.. 2 of the 
Density of knitting. Pattern of Braid: 31 p. 
and 26.5 R. 10 x 10 cm: Elastic band: 29 p. and 
25 p. 10 x cm. 
Backrest: Dial 138 (178) and tie 
1 N. P. N. (This series does not take into account 
account). Then 
Knit pattern of braid. Simultaneously 
From the inlaid edge to reduce the 
In each 36 p. 3 * B (8) p. 
In the following way: for the 1st 
In the stained grey 
Color plots PS 2 p. Together, for 
2nd decrease of the scrap 
In the red color of the previous or 
With the next L, together... For the 3rd 
Reduce the remaining p. 
Painted in gray areas 
With the previous or next p. 
Together 120 (154 in) p. Through 45 cm 
: 120 R. From Inlaid Edge (2 24-th p. 
Continue to knit the rubber band. 
At the same time in the 1st p. Lower 10 (12) p. 
As follows: Perform 1 time 
A circuit, and start with 1 chrome. 
and loops before Raport b, link 
3 (4) Raport B, Finish loops 
After the Raport of V Chrome. (142 in) 
P. After 12 cm 30 p. (7 cm 18 p.) from 
End of the pattern of braid close for armholes 
On both sides 4 p. and in each 2nd p. 1 
Hz, 2x2 and 2x1 p, p. via 
29 cm: 72 R. St of the end of the pattern of braid 
Close for the neck cut 
46 (54) L, and both sides finish the 
Separately. For rounding close with 
Inner edge in each 2nd R. x Z 
and 2 x 2 L. Through 32 cm = 80 p. From the end 
Pattern from the braid close the remaining 12 
(24) p. Shoulder on each side. 
Before: Knit the same way. But for more 
Deep cut of the Gsrlovina close 
Through 19 cm 48 p. From the end of the pattern of 
The average 14 (22) L, and in each 2nd 
P. 2х5. 5Х2IZХ1P, 
Sleeves: Dial 98 (138) p. and tie 
Izn, R. Izn. Then knit a pattern of 
Kos. Simultaneously from the inlaid edge 
Reduce for putting up in each 
14th R. z x 4 (b) p., as written off for 
Backrest = 86 (120 in) L. 24 cm = 
64 p, from the inlaid edge of the 16th p. 
Continue to knit the rubber band. 
At the same time in the 1st p. Lower 6 (8) p. 
As follows: Perform 1 time 
Circuit series. At this start with 1 cream. 
and loops before Raport v. 
Replace the grey colored 
P. In the beginning P, on 2 persons., tie 2 (3) 
To finish the loops after the 
Raport b and Crom,. At the same time. 
Grey color of the thread in the 
End p, for 2 persons. = 80 12) p. gum 
Start and finish 1 persons. Additional 
Three Addi. After 15 cm: 38 P. From the end 
The pattern of the braid close for the stingray sleeves 
On both sides 4 (5) p., in each 2nd p. 
1 x z, x 2.2 х1 p.. In every 4th p. 3x 
P. Yves each 2nd P. 2 to 1. 1x2, 1х3 
and 1x4 P. (in each 2nd p. 1 to 4, x Z, 
1x2.8х1. 1x2. 
After 28 cm = 70 p. From the end of the pattern of 
Braid Close the remaining 30 (40) p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. On 
Cut the neck to dial on the circle- 
Knitting Needles 120 (136) n "Tie 2.5 
CM Elastic Band and all loops close by 
Picture, fit sleeves, perform 
Side seams and seams of sleeves. 

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