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Size 28. 
You will need: 400g of yarn;  hook number 2.

Make a knitted dress of life size. The main canvas is knitted by Afghan knitting according to the scheme. The diameter of the rose determines the width of the wedge at the bottom.


Prepare 16 roses connected by the scheme.

Each rose consists of 4 tiers (see the figure). The front and back cloths of the dress are knit from below upwards, having calculated on the sample the width of the wedge at the bottom and along the armhole line. Determine the number of penalties in each wedge that are performed simultaneously in all wedges. On the scheme, the decreases are shown in the third row. Tie the bodice of the back and front panels together with the pattern. On the back, make a slit for the fastener.

Lay a sleeve pattern on the backrest fabric so that the bottom of the sleeve lies on the armhole line, and the rounds at the hem. In this case it is convenient to calculate the initial chain for the bottom of the sleeve. Additions to the expansion will correspond to the discounts on the backrest fabric. Tie the sleeve and the sleeve of the sleeve accordingly to the pattern. 
Finished parts steamed, sew at the seams, tie the edge of the sleeve and neckline 1 -2 rows of RLS In the last row, make a "picot" on every 4th column.

Tie the little Roses according to the pattern of yarn into one thread. Number of roses - 7-9 pieces. At the bottom of the sleeve - 2-3. Tie the bottom edge of the RLS dress. At the top of the corners make 3 "pico", and then tie the roses, fixing them in 5 places.

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