Baby Hat

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Materials: yarn "Children's acrylic" - 50 gr / 140 m; knitting needles No. 3 and hook No. 3. 
My daughter has a head girth of 45 cm, I dialed 82 loops and knitted a double hollow gum, and then switched to a pattern, did not take it anywhere and add it, knit an even fabric. The bottom began as follows: continuing the canvas, it gradually decreased after every 8 loops, 7 loops, etc. 2 together, well, as we on the tips of a nose, we lose, when there are 20 loops left on the knitting needles, I gathered them on a string and pulled them tight. Then you make a seam from behind, but not to the end of the canvas, and then the shuttlecock. I typed a loop around the loop and on the trail. a row from each loop gained 4 tbsp. s / n, in the next. row - 3 tbsp. with / n. and that's all.

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