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Cat Pullover

Age:  4 - 5 years.

You will need:  200 g of  cyclamen yarn, 20 g of green and blue colors each (100% acrylic; 208 m / 500 g); remnants of yarn in different colors; 4 buttons; Knitting needles number 2 and 2.5. 

Knitting density:  24 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Motive:  according to the scheme.

Before:  on needles No. 2 dial 84 points in a cyclamen-colored thread and knit 4 cm with an 1x1 elastic band.  
In the last r. evenly add 14 p. Then knit on the needles number 2.5 persons. 5 cm with a thread of green color and make the motif according to the scheme - knit with white thread on the sides. At a height of 38 cm for the neckline close the middle 8 points, then on both sides 4 points, 3 points, 2 times 2 points and 2 times 1 point. Close the height of 43 cm, on the right shoulder. 

Back:  knit, as before, thread cyclamen color. For the neckline, close the middle points 26 points 3 cm higher than on the front, then 2 times 2 points on both sides and close the points on the right shoulder at the height of the front.

Sleeves:  on needles No. 2, dial 44 items with a thread of a cyclamen color and knit 4 cm with an elastic band 1 x 1. In the last p. evenly add 20 p. Then knit on the needles number 2.5 persons. satin stitch. For bevels add on both sides in each 11th p. 8 times 1 p. At a height of 34 cm close p.

Assembly:  seam the right side of the pullover. Along the edge of the neckline with a cyclamen-colored thread, dial 103 points, knit 3 cm with an elastic band 1 x 1 and close the item. the front strip to make 4 holes at a distance of 4 cm one from the other. In  
Run seams left side of the pullover. Sew buttons.

Magazine "Merry loops" №7 "2004


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