Knitting Mini Dress Free Pattern

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Practical mini dress can be worn with tight-fitting trousers
Or legging, and in combination with dense kolgotami it looks
Just great. The model is knit from the yarn of the colour
Paradise will suit you.

Material : 450-500 g yarn (100% Wool or acrylic) Spokes № 2 and № 3 Spokes on the line № 2.5 Needle for Knitwear

For the backrest on the Spokes № 2 dial 120
and knit a 10-12 cm elastic Band 2 × 2.

Elastic Band 2 × 2
1st row-1 Crown Loop, * 2 facial
Loops, 2 purls loops *, repeat
from * to * to the end of the series, 1 cutting loop.
The 2nd and the next series are all loops
Between the Kromozhno knit on the drawing.
Further work continue with the Spokes № 3,
Distributing loops as follows:
1 Crown Loop, 28 loops patent
Pattern, 62 loops of front surface, 28 loops
The patent pattern, 1 crown loop.
Patent pattern
1st Row-* 1 facial loop, 1 purl
Loop *, repeat from * to * 14 times.
2nd Row-* 1 facial loop, 1 wrong
The loop, remove the
from * to * 14 times.
3rd row-* Loop with the scum
Together front, 1 wrong remove
Together with the scale *, repeat from * to * 14 times.
To form a pattern in the height of the
Row 2-3 rows.

After 64 cm from the beginning of knitting
Close on both sides for armholes
In each 2nd row 1 time 3 loops,
1 time 2 loops and 4 times one
At an altitude of 84 cm from the beginning of knitting
Close for neck cut
The average 30 loops and each
Finish the screw separately. For
Neck Cut Rounding
Close the inner edge of the
Each 2nd row 2 times one
Loop. The total height of the parts 84 cm
Close the remaining shoulder loops.
The second side, follow the
In a triple.

The front detail of the dress is knit so
Same but with a deeper neckline
The neck, for which through 74 cm
From the beginning of knitting close the middle
16 loops and each half
Finish separately. For rounded
The neck cut, close the
From the inner edge in every 2nd
Row 1 times 3 loops, 2 x 2 loops
and 3 times on one loop. The total
Height 84 cm Close the remaining
Shoulder loops. The second side of the

For one sleeve on the spokes № 2
Dial 58 stitches and knit 14 cm
Rubber Band 2 × 2, then the work of the
Have the Spokes № 3 facial
Surface. For bevel sleeves, the
In each 6th row on one
Loop on both sides. After 42 cm from
Start knitting close with both
Sides to roll the sleeves in each
2nd row 1 times 3 loops, 1 time 2 loops
and 4 times one loop. Next
In each 4th row, close the two
Sides 5 times on one loop. The
The height of the sleeves 64 cm, close
Remaining loops.
The second sleeve is knit similarly.

Dress details Moisten and straighten
On the pattern, let it dry.
Perform the right shoulder stitch.
On the edge of the front and back neck
Dial on flexible spokes № 2.5
Loops and knit straight and backward-
Series of patent patterns. Through
20 – 22 cm from the beginning of the knitting loop
Freely close. Perform the
Shoulder seam and collar seam.
Follow the side seams and seams of the
Brandenburger. Fit the sleeves into the armholes.

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