Beautiful Dress and Top Free Pattern

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Gum 1x1 (not granny loops-connected by car) 94 p
Width of the gum 14 cm
Front/Rear Blade
On the Side to the center. "»» 2 is then a viscous rice, but between them the loop is obtained as 3 persons (which alternate with Iznan.) between them only 1.
Then 2. (In short knitting as a rubber band 1x1 of 5 loops: one row of gum, the track series All Purls) is the rice in a row and between them on the isn. Loop
Then there are two persons of the square (in each person a row)
Then 2.
Then a braid of 6 persons loops 2 + 2 v 2 + 2
Then 3. 
Then a scythe of 12 persons loops 33
Sweat 2 and 2 rice loops ordinary
And then already the central spit of 16 loops 66
The Cloth from a gum to a armless 30 SM is Connected directly without a increments to a armus.
Width of the roll with armpit 16 cm... Length of inclined Reglane 24 cm
The Sleeve consists of a central fragment of front/backrest. 
The Beginning of the sleeve: 46 of the P. Rez 1х1 = 9.5 cm, the main cloth from the gum begins as a fragment of the center of the front/back consists of: a scythe of 12 p, 2 N., 2p Rice, a central braid of 16 loops and comes to the top to the width of 16 cm repeating the pattern of front (with the increase Linen Sleeves 32 cm (from the gum up)
Neck height 24 cm Gum 1x1 = 114 loops (Priketlevana) and separately a piece of thinner gum with buttons width of 2 cm beginning from the armhole to the end of the gate., on the collar 4 buttons on the bevel of the Reglane 3 buttons diam 2 cm.
Hinges under the buttons are cut vertically (along) and processed on the machine (manually do not create and do not repeat)
Selection of the Arans:

Facial loop 
Purl Loop 
To add, twisted front loop, tying it out of the stretch between 
2 loops 
3 loops, made of W) Nod 
b Loops, "one 
7 loops,-pressed from one-p 
Two pawns; Pressed together with a slope to the right 
2 Pepin, pressed together with a slope (Ievo 
6 loops, all together 
7 loops, pressed together 
Front hinge, crossed: the right-hand loop 
Front loop, crossed by Neyvos 
(1 obverse, 1 purl and obverse), crossed to the left by 3-th pet- 
Front, 1 reverse and 1 front) 
3 loops Front, 1 purl and obverse), crossed by a 
Night and 3 loops (1 front, 1 reverse and front) 
2 Last Facial Loops • Remove the bests by placing it in Front of the 
Work. Bring the Nachico 2 loops with the left spokes (face and wrong). 
Proaya: Usshpe There is a Pervujulicevuju loop with a spare spoke, then inside Out 
To the singing with the left spoke and. Finally, there is 2-nd Pepino e spare Spoke 
C loops (1 face, 1 wrong and face), remove on the spare spoke, 
Earning. Press the first loop of the spokes, then the 
The 1st face loop with the spare spokes and there is a 2nd loop with the ice-needle. 
2 loops, with spare spokes (wrong n face) 
Dial 6 new loops, twisting them around the right spokes 

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