Fantasy jumper free pattern

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Size: 40-42 

You will need: 

100 g of fancy yarn Nazar-rus "Galaxy" (80% polyester, 20% Lurex, 100 g / 250 m, color 2115); 
100 g of black yarn Nazar-rus "Iskra" (70% acrylic, 30% Lurex, 100 g / 500 m, color black); 
spokes number 3 and number 4. 
Weave.Facial and purl. 

Knitting density: 

18 p. X 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected with Spark yarn by a face satin on the needles No. 3. 

14 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted yarn "Galaxy" purl stitch on the needles No. 4. 

Description of knitting fancy sweater 
For the mill back on the needles number 3 yarn "Spark" dial 76 p., Knit 100 rows of the front surface and close all the loops.

For the top of the back on the needles No. 4 with fancy yarn, type 30 p., Tie 174 rows with a purl and close all the loops, without tightening the edge. 

Mill front knit, as the camp back. For the top of the front knitting needles with fancy yarn, type 30 p. And knit it with a purl. 

Having knitted 62 rows from the beginning of work, to round the neckline, 

subtract 1 st. t row 1 time 1 p., 1 time 3 p. and 1 time 8 p. 

Knit straight 62 rows and close all the loops, without tightening the edge. 

Sew the backrest parts. Run the seam along the 2nd section of the edge loop of the upper parts so that the top edge is wrapped with a small rudder.

Sew the parts in front. 

Perform shoulder seams. Perform side seams and sleeve seams. Jumper do not steam.

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