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We start with the calculation of the number of loops, and for this we measure our princesses tummies and an ass and focus on a larger indicator. The resulting number of loops multiplied by 2 (the number of loops should be a multiple of the pattern repeat). 
Now let's talk about the hem of the shuttlecock: you can make a crocheted crochet, tie several rows with a pattern of "small rice," a jagged edge ... this is just your choice. 
Here are the schemes of hearts

And the first shuttlecock of my skirt

And now more in detail. I knit in a circle. For the serrated edge I typed on a chain of air loops (video method 17 set of loops with an open edge on a chain of air loops) the required number of loops, closed in a circle, 1,2,3,4,6,7,8 , 9.10 rows of facial smoothness, 5 rows - * 2 together faces, cape *. Raised the hinges from the air chain to the second spoke, the chain loosened loosening loops. Further knitting with two spokes: at the same time we pick up one loop from each knitting knot. Then she moved to the pattern. Then we reduce the loops to the original design (we tie two people together) And finally we untangle the skirt body approximately to the height of the shuttle, or slightly less, but no more. 
For today, everything is All-even loops and easy knitting
We will continue our work. The connected first shuttlecock with the body of the skirt will be put aside and we start knitting the second shuttle, but without the body (we knit the shuttlecock and do the cuts as in the first shuttlecock). 
That's what happened to me

Next, we will join our shuttlecocks. To do this, we need to put the second shuttle on the body of the first, to combine the beginning of the first and second knitting needles and knit from the two spokes (we insert the spoke simultaneously into the first loops of the two spokes and tie off the face loop)

After we have joined the body with the shuttlecock we continue to knit the body of the second shuttle like the first. Then we knit the third shuttlecock separately and tie it to the body of the second, and then we'll look. 
Uh, like trying to make it all clear , but if something is not clear write. 

But our fitting

The skirt turned out not very flared, but very comfortable (the landlady had already appreciated, barely took out the semi-finished product ). On the family council conferred and I decided that the length is good and turn immediately to the elastic band. If the length of the skirt is short, you can tie a coquette. 

Girls, after washing the skirt a little stretched wide. I'll try to tie up: I'll create a small coquette on a smaller size of the spokes (I'll tie ruffles 15 on spokes 2.5 and continue on 2). 

Work on the errors was , and at the same time the second skirt tied, here it is

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