Mint Color Dress for Girl

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Size: for 1 (3) 5 months 
You will need: Snezana yarn (viscose 70%, acrylic 30%, 700 m / 100 g) -100 (150) 200 g mint color, 
needle number 3, hook number 2. 

Openwork pattern: knit by the scheme 1. The diagram shows only the front rows, the purl rows are knitted according to the pattern, the capes and loops tied together, knit out. etc. 
Face: faces. ranks - of persons. etc., of. the ranks are different. n. 

The density of knitting: 25 p. x 30 rows = 10x10 cm. 

Attention! Knit a thread in two pieces. 

Back: Dial 74 (84) 94 sts and knit with an openwork pattern 18 (20) 22 cm. Then knit with the front surface, tying 2 st together the faces. = 56 (66) 76 p.
At a height of 4 (4.5) 5 cm from the line skirts for the armhole, close on both sides 1 x 3 pt and then in each 2 nd row 1 x 2 pt and 2 times x 1 p. 
At a total height of 26 (30.5) 35 cm for the neck cut, close the middle 10 (14) 20 sts and finish the two parts separately. 
To round the neckline cut, close in each second row 1 x 3 pt, 1 x 2 pt and 3 x 1 pt. 

Before: knit similarly to the back, but with a cut to cut the neck. To do this, at the height of 26 (30.5) 35 cm knitting, divide in half and both parts are finished separately. Knit in the height of another 2 cm, then close the inner side 1 x 8 (10) 13 p. And then in each 2-nd row 2 more times x 1 p. 

Assemblage: sew the shoulder and side seams, tie the skirt, armholes and neckline according to scheme 2. 

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