Knit bootees Spit with knitting needles

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Knitting was decided by the type of booties "Hares" ie from below. YarnArt Merino De Luxe (50% acrylic, 50% wool, 100gr 280m) 
and Alize Lana Gold Classic for the top (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 100gr 240m) took the strings for the sole and decor . Knitting needles 2 (which were)))) 


My son has a 13cm leg. Sole knit garter stitch 9 all loops front) 
Gained 7 loops 1 
p. - All facial 
2,4,6 r to make an increase in 1p. near the edge. 
Next, knit 34p. 
Make two times increase by 1p near the edge and knit another 20p. To do a 1p decrease (by tying 2p. Together) near the edge through a row. Until the needle remains 8p. Close all loops. 
Base booties. Dial loops from the sole in a beige color so that the toe was 15p. and on the remaining needles for an even number of loops. Knit 10p. "Rice" (1litz., 1niz, in the following rows, on the contrary). We knit booties "Spit" with needles 

Then knit the toe. 

For a toe, I get 15p. Knit like a heel toe.
1p-1niz, 6litz, 1niz, 6litz, 2fold wear. (Knit 15p. Toe with the first loop of the next knitting needle), unfold knitting 
2p - chrome, 6niz, 1litz, 6 of the nose, 2fold face (15p. Toe with the first loop of the next knitting needle. Repeat up to 5 pp. 
- chrome, 3p., Remove the knitting needle for additional knitting and knit the following 3p., Knit loops with the additional knitting needles, 1 life, remove the loops on the additional knitting needle before knitting, knit the next 3p, knit loop with additional knitting needles;; 2in. kn. 
Knit according to the pattern. Next reticle to be made in 13. ( 

7p ) Knit in this way until the side needles have 11p. 
For the trial I didn’t make the boots high, who wants to increase the number of rows higher.We knit 11 rows in a circle 11p with an elastic band 1 * 1, 15th toe fur (1 and 15 loops knit with “Rice”), 22p. with an elastic band 1 * 1.
Next, go to the front surface where the knit gum. Knit 7 more ranks. 
In order for the booties lapel not to be too wide, it is necessary to make reductions. I do 1 drop in the beginning and at the end of each knitting needle. Next, knit in a circle "Rice" 10p. Then knit 1p. facial and another 10p. "Rice". Close knitting. 
We remove the needles to the side and crochet by knitting with a contrast thread 1p. semi-columns with double crochet. And we tied the edge with the thread of the primary color with “We draw step”. Do the same on the sole. 
On the little white one on the toe one braid (the principle of mating is the same as two without only 1 wear between them). 

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