Baby Booties Crochet

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1. First choose yarn (preferably cotton for summer, and acrylic for autumn-winter). Requires motocyclic 50g black, 50g crimson, 50gr white (exhausted not all). Hook # 2. Shnuchki 80 cm white. 

2. Tie 15 back stairs + 2 lifting loops. and tie in a circle with columns without a round of 4 circles. For each rounding (on the toe and heel) in each round of the loop, two bars with a crochet are perforated. (additions are made on the reverse so that the sole is not twisted). 

3.Vot such a sole should you have after 4 laps 

4. On the 5th circle, you stop adding columns on the turns and knit in each loop for 1 stalk and see that you begin to climb the booties, as you see in the photo.

5. In the 6th row, you attach the crimson thread to the white thread and tie 1 row with the columns without the crochet. (As in the photo) 

6. You are tying the 7th row with white thread without the crochet. And I should get here such a striped boat as in the photo. 

7. In the middle on both sides determine the middle of the pinetochki and attach the black yarn. Spray from the middle of the right stoony to the middle of the left side a row of columns without a crochet. You now have a contour, here on it you will tie from 6 to 8 rows to the top. The last row is tied with crimson thread without columns.
8. Tie the tongue before the tongs: 1 row = in the ring of the yarn, tie 12 stitches with the crochet, tighten the thread. The shell turns out. In the second row, in each wa. Loop, bind two pillars with a crochet. In the 3rd row alternate, 1 loop = 2 bars with a crochet, 2 loop = 1 column with a crochet and so on. The shell is ready. Attach to its cut the black yarn and tie up the columns with a cuff of 8-9 rows. 
Ran out of these are the tongues. 

9.Pischit from the wrong side of the tongue to the resulting kedine. 

10. Pass the shoelaces and tie the bows. If desired, the booties can be decorated with tied balls.

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