Knitting Poncho Free Pattern

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For reception of symmetry of drawing I have knitted in two tangle (Polkruga one ball, Polkruga-Other) which sections initially should coincide.
Knit straight-Backward circles!

Knitting begins with the neck.
Dial 68 air Loops (multiple of 3 plus 2 loops), of which 34 one ball, then attach the second tangle and knit the remaining 34 loops, lock in a circle.
Then knit on the scheme of 11 laps. Finish the thread tear.

On 5 adapted on each side we leave for sleeves.
The main part of Knitting 11 more laps, gradually increasing the number of columns in the Rapport (I got 20 bars in the 11th row).
Sleeves Knit Two different clews (1 tangle on the sleeve) for symmetry without additions 5 laps.

The beginning of knitting of a hood-from a middle pass. 
Knit 1 ball.
The hood is knitted also by straight-back rows.
Attach the thread to the center loop of the neck and tie the 76 air loops.
To connect a chain of a connecting column to the neighboring loop of a neck (from an initial loop), to knit 3 more connecting columns in loops of a neck, to turn, to knit columns with crochets in air loops of the previous row.
To finish a row by a connecting column in a loop of a neck, to knit another 3 connecting columns in loops of a neck, to turn, to knit a relief obverse column with Crochets in the last column with crochets of the previous row of a hood, then relief seamy The column with Crochets, continue a series of elastic relief columns 1x1.
To knit one more row of relief columns.
From the next row knitting the basic pattern (on 10 columns in rapport) without decreases-additions, attaching a hood 4 connecting columns to a neck.
After the loops on the neck have ended, we continue to knit straight-back rows, connecting the first and the last column between each other.
In the first after the end of the neck row do ubavku columns in the rapport, then knit 6 more rows without changes.
Further in each row we make decreases on one loop at the beginning and the end of a row.
As a result, the hood turned out to be such sizes.

Hood and hem poncho decorate with tassels.
Beauty for the little princess is ready!

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/los-ku-tik/post282245339/

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