Knitted Set for Newborns

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Knitting for kids a jacket and pinets
Knitting with knitting needles for toddlers with a collar and a pinotek in a set to it. This model can also be connected with a waistcoat.

For kids, a jacket and a vest with a collar and booties.

The model can be connected as a waistcoat (without seams) or as a jacket (with minimal seams). Knitting is performed with knitting needles from the bottom upwards with one piece to the armhole, with vtachnymi sleeves.

For the shawl collar, shortened rows are used, it is performed together with the shelves.

As a bonus, the description of the pinets is added. This set is suitable for both girls and boys, and the chalet collar adds warmth to the neck of the baby.

Design from OGE Knitwear.

Dimensions: A [B: C]. (6 months [12 months, 18 months]).

Length in the center of the back: 26 [32.5: 35.5] cm;

Arm up to the armpit: 15 [18.5: 21] cm;

Booties: 9 [10: -]

Necessary materials :

- Needles 4 mm and 3.75 mm;

- Yarn, thickness of Double Knit or Light Worsted / 8 ply: 200 [250: 300] gr;

- 3 buttons for a jacket or waistcoat and 2 buttons for pins;

- Hook holders;

- Needle for knitwear.

Density: 22 loops and 28 rows per 10 cm pattern on spokes 4 mm, measuring after blockage.

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