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dress turned out for 1 year, then I think to remove the zipper and make the lacing, get another year. 

I used yarn, 100% cotton Semenovskaya yarn 430m / 100g. The pattern of the skirt knitted according to the pattern of 
Nabral on the spokes of 210 loops and knitted two canvases in the last row closed 2 loops, the next front row closed 2 more loops, only 2, that is, 2 together, 2 facial, 2 together, I measured the waist daughters and calculated how many loops need to be removed. Then she knitted a pattern of 

faces, rows: facial; 

from Ranks: izn, persons, izn. 

For an armhole, after 10 cm, I closed 1 loop in each face in a row (2 together). On the back of the canvas divided into two parts, for lightning. To hide the zipper on the needles, she gathered 10 loops, after 2 cm she divided the knitting into two parts and knitted along the length of the zipper, sewed it from the wrong side of the dress close to the teeth. On the sleeves, I scored 74 loops in 1 cm, and also diminished faces in each. row 1 loop

The pattern on the chest took from the Internet, the choice is great, I knit this one.

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