Knitting Baby Vest Free Pattern

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Knitting vest for boy 9 months, height 74. Yarn-wool + acrylic.

Before.))) Typed 66 loops. I have knitted 3 rows with a double rubber band: 1licevuju remove (thread at work), 1 purl. And so each row. That the bottom is not lengtheneded. Next, the 3 cm rubber Band 2/2. Then the whole row added 6 loops (after about 9-10 lifted one of The bottom row). It turned out 72 loops.

Next the first knitted 7 loops garter viscous (all rows of facial loops), then pattern,, braided,, 1rjad-1 yarn, 2 facial. Then yarn to pull and throw through 2 facial. So the whole series

2rjad-IPMs loops.

Repeat these two rows))) and the last 7 loops are also garter viscous. So 18 sm. for 1 sm to armhole, knitting garter already 15 loops garter at first and in the end. Already height 19 Sm. Make subtraction for armhole. For this purpose, we close 7 loops on both sides. You have 8 Loops Garter and between them a pattern. Knit so 6 cm. Then close the average 22 loops. and knit separately or from two tangles cm 10. Then we dial the missing 22 loops and knit down (it is already back) SM 9. Then for armholes add at the edges of 15 loops (knit them garter viscous ). And do not forget to do through 5-6 cm holes for the buttons. Constantly combining armhole (check) knit to the desired length. Finish also the Rubber Band 2/2and double. All right, girls!!! Success!!!

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