Openwork pullover women description

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sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 44 (European) 
You will need: 
500 (550) 600 g yarns like "Banola" from ONline in sisal color - natural coarse fiber, obtained from the leaves of the Agava sisolana plant from the genus Agave, sometimes called sisal and the plant itself, number 0109 (100% organic cotton, 55 m / 50 g); 
straight needles No. 6 and 7, as well as circular needles No. 6. 
Facial kerchief: persons. and izn. rows of knit faces. 
Purl stitch: persons. and izn. rows of knit wear. 
The pattern for the strap on the needles No. 6: knit 2 p. front garter stitch and 2 rows of purl garter stitch = 4 p. 
All subsequent patterns knit number 7! 
Persons smooth surface: individuals. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - izn. P.
The main pattern (on all loops): 
Knit according to a scheme in which only persons are shown. R. 
In izn. R. all loops and nakida knit izn. 
Two knitted nakida next to each other: 1st nakid - izn. n., 2nd nakid - persons. n. 
Start with 1 chrome. and loops before rapport A, perform 6 (7) 8 x rapport A, 1 x loops between rapport, 6 (7) 8 x rapport B, finish with loops after rapport B and chrome. 
When adding and decreasing, make sure that inside the patterns the number of nakida corresponds to the number of loops knitted together. 
Along the outer edges perform only full rapport, the remaining loops knit faces. satin stitch. 
Repeat from the 1st to the 20th p. 
The density of knitting: the 
main pattern: 9.5 p. And 17.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Dial 45 (49) 53 p. And knit for the strap 1.5 cm = 4 p. pattern for slats. 
Then continue knitting with the main pattern. 
For armhole sleeves through 39 cm = 68 p. from the plank on both sides close 2 p. and in each of the 2nd p. close 1 x 2 p. and 2 x 1 p. = 33 (37) 41 p. 
60.5 cm = 106 p. (61.5 cm = 108 p.) 63 cm = 110 p. from the plank, close the loops with facial loops; meanwhile, 15 pts will form a neckline, external 9 (11) 13 pts belong to the shoulders. 
Knit as a back, only with a deeper neckline. 
To do this, through 52.5 cm = 92 p. (53.5 cm = 94 p.) 55 cm = 96 p. from the plank close the middle 7 points and finish each side separately. 
For rounding off the inner edge, close in each 2nd p.1 x 2 and 2 x 1 p.
At the height of the back, close the remaining 9 (11) 13 n. Of the shoulder. 
Dial 21 (25) 29 points and knit for the strap 1.5 cm = 4 p. pattern for slats. 
Then continue the main trace pattern. way: chrome. p., 2 (4) 4 p. before rapport A, 1 (1) 2 x rapport A, 1 x loops between rapport, 1 (1) 2 x rapport B, finish 2 (4) 4 p. after rapport B, chrome. ( 
Simultaneously for beveling the sleeves on both sides add 5 x in each 14 m p. 1 p. in accordance with the pattern = 31 (35) 39 p. 

For okat sleeve through 45.5 cm = 80 p. from the bar on both sides, close 2 subsections and the next 2nd p. 1 x 1 p., then in each 4th p. close 6 x 1 p., in each 2nd p. 1 x 1 and 1 x 2 p. 
Through 64 cm = 112 p. from the plank, close the remaining 7 (11) 15 p. 
Assembly of parts:
Run shoulder seams. 
For the neckline, use the circular knitting needles to raise 56 point and 2 circle. R. knit out. p., then loop close the faces. 
Sew in sleeves, complete side seams and sleeve seams.

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