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sweater, bound Polupatentnoj rubber band, with strongly dropped holes, which can be called shortened Celnokroenymi sleeves, will make a variety in your winter wardrobe.

36/38 (40/42-44/46)

You will need
Yarn (100% of Sheep wool; 120 m/50 g) – 600 (650-700) g melange red-pink; Needles № 4; Circular Spokes № 4 length 40 cm.

Patterns and diagrams

Polupatentnaja gum
Rows in forward and backward directions: odd number of loops. 

1-st R. = seamy range: chrome., * Alternately 1 persons., 1 ipms., from * repeating, finish 1 persons., chrome. 

2nd R. = Front row: chrome., 1 ipms., 1 persons., with this needle put in a loop on 1 P. 
below, from * repeating, finish 1 ipms., chrome. 

Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows in Height.

Circular Rows: An even number of loops. 

1st Circle. r.: * Alternately 1 persons., 1 ipms., from * repeating. 

2-nd circle. r.: * 1 persons., Thus the spoke to enter into a loop on 1 р. below, 1 ipms., from * repeating. 

Repeat the 1st and 2nd rows in Height.

Facial surface
Front rows-facial loops, purl series-purl loops. 
In the circular series all loops are to be knotted with facial.

Patent Land for Armholes
In the front rows of the first and last 4 p. Knit Facial. 
In purl rows the first and last 4 p. to shoot, as at Iznanochnom knitting, and a thread, strongly pulling back, to stretch before Work.

Density of knitting
21 P. x 44 R. = 10 x 10 cm, connected Polupatentnoj rubber band.


Performing work

Double thread dial crossed 115 (123-131) p., start with Iznanochnogo series and knit 2 R. = 1 cm facial surface. 

Then knit Polupatentnoj rubber band, and start with Iznanochnogo Series. 

In 80 P. = 18 cm from the beginning of the patent pattern add on both sides for PRISPUSHHENNYH armholes 2 p., then add on both sides in each 2 p. Another 7 times on 2 P. = 147 (155-163) p., pribavlennye loops include in the pattern Polupatentnoj gum. 

In the next front row additionally to dial on both sides another 3 P. = 153 (161-169) P. and these 3 p. together with the already existing edging (= 4 P.) knit as a patent land. 

Through 88 (92-96) R. = 20 (21-22) cm from the last raise underlined reduce on both sides for the shoulder bevels 25 (27-29) times to 2 P. = 53 p., with 4 p. Patent Edge Knit facial surface. After the last decreases for the shoulder bevels close on both sides 1 time 2 P. and temporarily postpone the remaining 49 P.

Knit like a back.

To carry out shoulder seams, thus staple on 2 p. so that on a shoulder of 4 persons. Formed the edge of the decorative Seam. 

For a collar to reshoot on working spokes the delayed loops of a neck and to knit on 98 p. Circular rows Polupatentnoj elastic band. 

Through 78 R. = 18 cm from the beginning of the collar close the loops double thread as Follows: 

1-st circle. r.: * 1 ipms., 1 P. To remove, as at Iznanochnom knitting, a thread to stretch before a loop, from * to Repeat. 

2nd Circle. r.: * The stitched loop of the previous row to remove, thus a thread to stretch before a loop, removed a loop of the previous row to knit reverse, from * repeating. 

3rd Circle. r.: All hinges knit with a single thread and at the same time freely close.

Source : https://verena.ru/vyazanie-spicami/sviter-s-korotkimi-rukavami-7221/#utm_source=sendpulse&utm_medium...

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