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In late spring or summer, in cold weather, you will be rescued by a jacket knitted from thick yarn.

The author of the jacket used PHILDAR NEB-ULEUSE yarn for work, the length of which is 51 meters in 50 g. Yarn composition: 41% wool, 41% acrylic, 18% polyamide.
Knitted jacket with needles number 7.
The jacket is buttoned on two big buttons with a diameter of 32 mm.
Main pattern
2 rows - front surface
2 rows - handkerchief
When knitting a jacket, a combination of a basic pattern and a scarf knit is used.
Knitting density:
25 p x 20 p = 20 cm x 10 cm
Jacket Size 34-36 / 38-40 / 42-44 / 46-48 / 50-52
Description of the jacket knitting needles
We type 66/70/74/80/88 loops
23/25/27/30/34 loops knit the main pattern, 20 n garter stitch, 23/25/27/30/34 main pattern.
On the border of two patterns use markers.
Having knitted 32 cm, we mark the beginning of the armhole on both sides with a marker.
We continue to knit straight.
Having knitted 54/55/56/57/58 cm from the beginning of knitting, we make shoulder bevels on both sides in each second row 1 time 5 points, 3 times 6 points, / 3 times 6 points, 1 time 7 p. / 1 ​​times 6 p., 3 times on 7 p., / 2 times on 7 p., 2 times on 8 p., / 2 times on 8 p., 2 times on 9 p.
We need 20 p.
After knitting 58/59/60/61/62 cm from the start of knitting, close the remaining loops.
knitting jacket pattern
Right shelf
We type 42/45/47/50/57 loop.
Knit 20 n garter stitch and 23/25/27/30/34 n. The main pattern.
Having knitted 32 cm, mark the beginning of the armhole with a marker on the left side.
Part 41/42/43/44/45 cm from the start of knitting we close 10 n on the right side, knit a row to the end. In the next row at the end and re-dial 10 loops.
T / d 54/55/56/57/58 cm from the start of knitting cases on the left side of the shoulder bevel.
In each 2nd row 1 time -5 p., 3 times 6 p. / 3 times 6 p. And 1 time 7 p. / 1 ​​time 6 p. And 3 times 7 p. /
2 times by 7 points and 2 times by 8 points / on the needles there should be 20 loops.
After knitting 8 cm, close the remaining loops.
Left shelf
We knit the left shelf symmetrically right.
We type 44/46/48/54 p. And knit the main pattern.
We add loops on both sides in each 10 row 5 times in 1 p. And after 8 rows 1 times in 1 p./ in each 10 row 4 times in 1 p., In each 8 row 2 times in 1 p. / In each 10 row 3 times 1 p. and after 8 rows 3 times 1 p. / in each 10 row 2 times 1 p., each 8 row 6 times 1 p. /
The needles should be 56/58/60/64/66 p.
Having knitted 33/32/31/31/28 cm from the start of knitting, close all the loops.


Perform shoulder seams. Sleeves stitch in the armhole.
We carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.
We sew half of the last closed loops of the right and left shelves on the front side (this will be a lapel).
Next, sew the collar along the neckline of the neck, connecting the points A and B.
Sew the buttons at a distance of 7 cm from the bottom of the shelves, so that the width of the parts of the shelves superimposed on each other is 16 cm from the side of the garter.

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