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I found a very nice jacket for you today and I wanted to share it with you. You can do it by looking at the pictures below. It is a very nice jacket.

 40/42 (46/48) YOU WILL BE REQUIRED Yarn (77% cotton, 15% cashmere, 8% polyamide, 175 m / 50 g) - 100 (150) g ​​light gray, blue, color. sage, pink and terracotta, 150 (200) g. black currant; hook number 4,5. PATTERNS AND SCHEMES  MAIN PATTERN An odd number of loops. Knit cf. crochet pattern. Start with the loops before the rapport, repeat constantly repeat, end with the loops after the rapport. Run once in the 1-3 rd series, then constantly repeat the 2-3 rd series, observing the sequence of colors. SEQUENCE OF COLORS 2 rows of thread. black currant, terracotta, pink, color. sage, blue, light gray, from * constantly repeated.

DENSITY OF ABRASION 25 p. X 21.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm. ATTENTION! The model knit with a single cloth across from the sleeve to the sleeve. Arrow on pattern = direction of knitting. PATTERN

COMPLETING OF THE WORK For the right sleeve, black currant to perform a chain of 67 (77) vs. + 1 cp lifting and knit basic pattern.  For the right shelf and backrest, after 45 cm = 97 rows from the initial row, floss. black currant to perform on both sides of the chain of 92 (87) cp. (= right side seam) and at all 251 sts continue to work with the basic pattern according to. sequence of colors.  After 59.5 cm = 128 rows (62.5 cm = 134 rows) from the initial row, pass the middle loop for the neck and first continue to knit the backrest on the 125 loops of the left half.  After 21 cm = 46 rows of work separation leave work.  Then on 125 loops of the right half continue to knit the right shelf and through 106 cm = 228 rows (109 cm = 234 rows) from the starting row to finish the work.  For the left shelf, floss. black currant (sage) to execute a chain of 125 v.p. + 1 cp lifting and knit basic pattern.  After 47.5 cm = 102 rows from the initial row, perform an intermediate chain of 1 cp along the left edge of the work. and continue the work on all 251 points with a single canvas in accordance with. sequence of colors.  After 14.5 cm = 31 rows (17 cm = 37 rows) from the intermediate set, pass for the left side seam on 92 (87) hinges on each side and make the left sleeve for the remaining 67 (77) sts, after 45 cm = 97 Rows from the left side seam finish the job. ASSEMBLY Carry out side seams.  Tie all edges on the front side with a thread. black currant in 2 circular rows of corn. Art. In the 2-nd circular row enter the hook only behind the back walls of the loops of the previous circular row. 

Photo: magazine "Little Diana" № 10/2016

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