Crochet Sleeveless Vest Pattern

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Presented their colors with a fashionable liter of this summer, Novevajushhej 
Memories of the Sun-scorched londshoftoh: Straw shades 
Or scattering shells but sand. They are perfectly combined with each other. 
Especially when you plan to create a tocoi delightful, Slegko 
Flared vest with openwork curb on the bottom. 

Rose measures : 34-36 (40-42) 
You will need: yarn (sh% viscose, poly- 
Amido: 228 mn)-500 (600) G ecru colors: Crewe- 
Chok 4; Three colored buttons. 
Main pattern: Number of loops Nocholnogo near 
Multiple of 3 + 2, knit honeycomb, Diagram 1, nacho with 
Tel to rapport. Rapport constantly repeating. 
Finish loops after Ropporto. Perform 
1st-3rd series of times. Then constantly repeating 
2-3rd series. 
Curb: Run a chain of 18 W. P "+ Z D.B. Lifts- 
Emo and knit honeycomb, Scheme 2, execute 1 – 17th series 
One time. Then constantly repeat the 10th-17th series, 
Kojmo with holes: number of loops multiple of Z. VE- 
Zot Honeycomb, a circuit with circular rows of immediate- 
Rapport constantly tell 
In this case, the transition between the circular rows is 
Fill consent. Schema. Run 1-3-th circular 
Rows of 1 roses. 
Density of knitting: the main pattern-22.5 p, x 7 p, 
= 10x Lo cm: Curb-12.5 r. = approx. 10 cm. Width 
= OK, 24 cm. 
Important: First, tie across the curb. Then 
Tie to it a uniform cloth vest. Arrows 
Ki on pattern = direction of knitting. 
Job Description: Execute a chain of 16 ow. + 
3. N "Rise and tie curb, through 10.1 near 
= 811 cm (120 rows = 96 cm) work to finish. Catamaran 
My side cut curb to tie art. 6/8, with 
This night with the Iznanochnogo of the range and in the 1st row 
Knit 188 (215) art. 6/n "after 2 cm 3 near 
From the tying of art. 6/8 knit proportion of the main 
Patterned, through 23 (21) cm from the night, ha main 
Pattern divide the robot into 3 parts and first 
Continue knit but medium (2 cm back, 
The hinges on both sides are postponed, it is important: 
The terrain to knit extra cream, loops, 
After 46 cm from the nochala of the main pattern leave 
On both sides of the bevels shoulder (4) cm Nepro- 
Knitted L Repeat currents subtraction in the 
Consecutive row, simultaneously with 1-M ubovleniem 
For SK, Hove shoulder to leave for cutout Jurloviny 
Middle n cm Neprovjazonnymi and both sides 
Zokonchlt separately. Rounding Ostovit with 
The inner edge in the next row of 1 x 3 cm is not 
Tied up. Through 49 cm from the tying of the art. 
6/n Work but the remaining loops of the shoulder of the law- 
Cheats now continue to knit left 
Shelf. To do this, the deferred loops from the left 
Cut the robots into the work and continue 
Press knit with a basic pattern. Through 32 cm from 
Night) main pattern leave with Virgin 
Edges of robots for Skoso neck 
SM and Z of each next row of Yu X 1 
and 1 x cm Neprovjazonnymi, bevel 
Shoulder with wager edge run. As 
Give me your back. But OSTOVSHIHSJ loops 
Shoulder robot finish but height 
Back, Provuju the shelf to perform 
In a mirrored display. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams, 
All cut to tie Kojmoj with 
River, n clasps left 
ATA. Glasses Evenly Sew Pugo- 
Vitsy. The first button to sew on the 
which the neck, the rest of the 
Govicy-Every 6ђ see. As a 
The holes for the buttons serve as the 
Ro planks of the right shelf. 

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