Knitwear Tunic Free Pattern

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Dress Details 
Size: 38/40 (42/44) 46-50 
Differing information from the larger 
Sizes are in or behind the Klam Mem. 
Material: circa 400 (450) 500 g in blue A silk-cotton mixture with a 
Length of approx. 145m/50g. Of KNITPRO a pair of knitting n No. 4.5 and 
A circular knit n No. 4.5 as well as a Crochet N # 4. 
Kraus: Back and forth re M. Smooth re: Hinr re m, back-R Li M. 
Lace pattern over 11 m: Lt Knitted Font 
Arb. Drawn are the Hin-R. In the 
Back-R All M and U listr. With the M in front 
The MS to always reps the MS, 
End with the m after the MS. The first 
12. R always Reps. In the case of our stated or 
Ensure that you and your 
Zusgestr m. Mesh Sample: Smooth re and in the Ajour 
Samples are 21 Mouth 30 r 10 x 10 cm

Back piece: 128 (135) 146 M Conn 
And between the Rand-M in the Ajour 
Pattern str, for the 2nd or 3rd size 
Start with 1 Rand-M and the M 
Arrow B, the MS 12 or 13 x ARB, end 
With I Rand-M. Following for the hip 
Skewers beids 16 x in each 8. R each 
1 m. At the same time 18 cm from 
Blow smooth re weiterarb. 42 cm from Mus- 
Changes are again in lace pattern str, 
In the 1. R 1 m ABN. 16 cm from 
Pattern Change for neckline 
The Mittl 37 (40) 45 m and 
De shoulders separated to end str. In the 
2. R on the cutting edge I x i m cast off 
18 cm from pattern change the residual 
Front part: Same, but for the tie- 
Feren neckline already 4 cm from 
Musterwecnsel the Mittl 21 (24) 29 m 
And following the cutting edge in 
Every 2. ri x 4, I x 3und2X1 Mabk. 
Completion: The parts are easily anfeuch 
And according to the average 
Allow to stretch and dry. The 
Close shoulder seams. The Halsaus 
Cut with 1 Rd fem and 1 Rd cancer-M 
(z fem from Li to re) crochet. The 
Close the side seams, while the top 
18 (20) 22 cm for the armholes 
Leave it open. The armholes as 
Crochet the neckline. To 
Finally, gently dampen all seams. 

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