Baby Pullovers and trousers of Bermuda

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Dimensions: 62/68 (74/80) Differential data for size 74/80 are indicated in parentheses. 
Materials: yarn (100% cotton: 100 m / 50 g) - 300 (350) g ​​white, for embroidery a little light green and purple Angora yarn. The spokes number 3 and 3.5; circular knitting needles No. 3; hook number 3; 3 buttons. 
Rubber, knitting needles No. 3: alternately 1 persons., 1 str. 
Knit all the following patterns with knitting needles №3,5: 
Face: faces. ranks - of persons. loops, out. the ranks are ian. loops. 
A strip with a pattern of "leaves" on 14 p.: Knit according to the scheme. On the diagram are given persons. ranks. In is. the rows of the loop knit along the pattern, the knits to knit out. Repeat from the 1st to the 10th row. 
Flowers: embroider a "loop" 3 times in front of the strip with a pattern of "leaflets" and 3 times after the strip in mirror reflection.
The density of knitting (facial smoothness): 24 p. X 32 r. = 10 x 10 cm. 

Back: Dial 68 (76) sts and knit a 3 cm elastic band. Continue with facial smoothness. After 20 (22) cm from the rubber bands for the cut, the work is divided in the middle and both sides are finished separately. At a height of 7 cm from the beginning of the cut, close all the loops. 
Before: start as a back, but after a rubber band on a medium 14 pts knit a strip with a pattern of "leaflets". After 23 (25) cm from the rubber band, close the middle 14 points for the neck and finish separately on both sides. For the curvature of the cut, close in each 2nd p. 2 times 2 pts and 3 times 1 p. The remaining 20 (24) stems of the shoulder should be closed after 27 (29) cm from the gum.
Sleeves: 36 pcs. And knit 3 cm elastic band, in the last row evenly add 8 (12) n. = 44 (48) n. Continue the faces. smooth. For bevels, add on both sides alternately in each 4th and 6th r. 10 times 1 st = 64 (68) n. After 16 (17) cm from the rubber band, close all the loops. 
Assembly: make the seams, the side seams for the armhole leave at the top at 13 (14) cm open. At the edge of the neck, dial approx. 67 st and knit 3 cm elastic band. Loops close. Cut the edges of the cut 1 p. Art. b / n. At the upper edge of the 4 century. to perform 1 hinged buttonhole. Sew on the button. Sew up sleeves. 

The right half: dial 54 (58) n. And knit 2 cm elastic band, in the last row, add evenly 18 (20) n = 72 (78) n. Continue as follows: 12 (13) n. Persons. smooth, 14 st. strips with a pattern of "leaves", 46 (51) n. persons. smooth. For bevels, add on both sides in each 2-rd river. 8 times per 1 item = 88 (94) n. After 5.5 cm from the rubber band for the stepped bevels, close 4 times on each side 1 time, 1 time 2 points and 3 times 1 time each in the 2nd R. = 70 (76) n. After 19 (22) cm from the beginning of the stepping bevels, continue with an elastic band, while in the 1-rd r. (2 stitches together) = 54 (60) n. Having connected a 2 cm elastic band, close the 2 nd point above the middle of the strip with a pattern of "leaves" for the buttonhole opening and re-dial in the next row. Having connected a belt with a width of 4 cm, close all the hinges. 
Left half: knit symmetrically.
Bregs (knit 2 times): dial 11 st and knit ca. 36 cm with elastic band. Then close all the loops. 
Assembly: perform seams. Stitches are sewn to the waist at a distance of 3 cm from the back of the middle seam. To the ends of straps to sew on 1 button. 

on the materials of the journal Lapushka 

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