Booties with knitting needles

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completely on 2 needles. 1. We collect 35 loops and knit a garter stitch, adding along the edges and on either side of the central loop (one loop, through a row - 3 times). It should turn out 47 loops. 2. We knit 2 rows of garter knitting with finishing color 3. We knit the next 6 rows with garter stitch of the base color 4. We start to knit the nose of the booties according to the "heel principle", that is, we knit 18 loops, then another 10, and knit the eleventh loop with the following 18 Turn the work. We knit so until the edges remain on 11 loops. 5. For the first 11 loops to leave untied, start to knit "glass" on the middle 11 loops, in a finishing color, (it would be nice to knit yarn with glitter, like glass)

6. Knit a garter stitch of 10 rows 

. Then, turn down through a row of 1 loop on both sides, up to 7 loops. Just 14 rows of knit knit the glass. the side of the glass, then 7 open loops on the top of the glass, then 7 loops on the second side of the glass (we also collect them), and 11 more extreme loops. 

We knit 2 rows on all garter stitch loops and close the loops (for the winter version, we knit 9 rows instead of a garter stitch, we close the loops not tightly. The roll wraps itself). Knit wheels crochet, embroider "wipers", grille or mouth, glue or embroider eyes - lights and our Bibika ready !: 

In order to pinetochka not removed from the legs, associate shnurochek of air loops and tie a bow at the rear.
If you want to make a warmer version, make an imitation of socks, tied with an elastic band 1 * 1 lapel. To do this, before stitching the bootees, on the seamy side of the bootie, dial a little below the edge, use 33 loops on the jumpers of the eyelets and knit with an elastic band 1 * 1, 12-15 cm. And then sew the booties.

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