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These are soft and soft cotton booties-beauty

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I took Papilon Lanoso threads (50% cotton, 50% viscose), they are very soft and comfortable to use. Blue yarn - Marifetli Alize. Hook number 2. 

We collect 15 air loops. The length of the sole will then depend on this chain, I have a total of 11.5 cm. 
We tie it on both sides with single crochets. 

We knit further according to the scheme, only I, in the last row, instead of 
crochets, knitted all the crochets. 

Here is the sole. We knit one more row of Art. N. S., one column in one loop of the lower row. This will be a series of transitions from the sole to the side of the bootees. 

White thread is not cut off, we begin to knit blue with pom-poms.

We throw on the hook of the broach of the blue yarn, use one loop of the lower row, skip one. Pomponchiki remain on the front side of the booties. 

For convenience, we retake the dialed blue loops on 4 needles. 

The blue thread can be cut off, leaving a pair of pompons for the bow. We continue to knit white thread. From the passed loop of the lower row we knit a double crochet, from a blue loop - a semi-column. 

Make another row of double crochets in each loop of the previous row. 

Mark the center of the sock with a contrasting thread. From the center we measure 13 loops in both directions, also we mark with a marker. 

For now, we leave the thread, which is in our center of the heel, and we tie a new worker thread to the right marker and knit three rows according to the scheme. This will be a booties sock.

The remaining corner on the wrong side we connect with a half-column, as shown in the figure. 

We fasten the thread, cut off and hide it. We continue to knit from the heels. One row of double crochets, at the junction of the side and toe, knit three double crochets together to make a smooth rounding. 

In the next two rows in the same place we knit 2 st.s. together. 
Knit a series of columns with 3-4 crochets, the width of the ribbon. 

The edge of the bootie is tied with a lace pattern, any that you like. 

I knitted according to this pattern. 

For decoration, you will need ready-made roses from a ribbon, a satin ribbon and these are the flowers that I made by linking three pieces of yarn with pom-poms. 

On the toe booties sew blue flower and roses

On the heel we tie the ends of the blue thread together and sew a rosette. 

Pull the ribbon and tie it to the bow. 

Booties are ready! They can be connected to the  plaid  of the same yarn

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